Still on Hiatus!

We’re still on what you call an unofficial hiatus break. There are a lot of things going on. For example I’m back in school at the moment (Accounting major, ugh) and I’m trying to get adjusted to these nine week blocks and Shane has lost all will to update. Just kidding, maybe she’ll get it back in the upcoming days. But today, today is a weird day. I’ve been out of the loop of SL for a few weeks now, but when I went through my folders I saw an assortment of things from stores so I’m going to try to blog it on my free time and force Shane to dress up with me.

The skin I’m wearing is from Plastik and it’s apart of the Elven Lionheart series. The color of choice I’m wearing is porcelain. What I like about this skin the most is the fact it comes with elf ears that already match the skin color!! Finally I don’t have to fiddle with it and worry about how it looks on other people’s windlight settings.

I also grabbed my girl to show off some new summer items that are floating around on the grid. It’s a quick blog post, but hey we’re still alive and kicking! I can’t believe Shane and I have been blogging for a year almost. That’s crazy.

On Shane:
Bikini: ACTION* Women’s Chex Bikini Black
Shorts: YOUNG URBAN – Summers at English Bay Shorts Black
Glasses: Reek – Denton Shades

On Clear:
Hair: Truth – Sylvia
Skin: Plastik – Lionheart Elvin
Shirt: Reek – Right Stripes Tee
Shorts: Reek – Daft Trunks


June 6, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . MV-SL-Fashion, Review, skins.


  1. Meila Solo replied:

    You look like casper next to shane rofl THATS A CHANGE ❤ YOU GUYS ARE CUTE AND NEED TO COME BACK ALREADY.

  2. Nocturne Fashion Feed » Blog Archive » Still on Hiatus! replied:

    […] Les Girls! […]

  3. Nuria Niven replied:

    I loved your skin, Clear ^^ Nice post 🙂

  4. Vaki replied:

    Yes, you definitely need to come back! But I’m so with you on how much focusing on school can suck your time to have fun.

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