Tuli Audrey’s Skins.

Tuli is one of my favorite skin designers and she’s now releasing a new skin called Audrey. I was lucky enough to get a bloggers pack and I’m going to write out what the notecard says and show you some pictures of this new fresh face.

release date: Wednesday, August 11


Thank you for your purchase!
There is important information you need to know, so please read:

I have included the windlight settings I use to photograph skins for ads.
The settings are by Caliah Lyon and are optimized for the avatar, as windlight can cause distorting shading on the avatar mesh in most cases.

TONE 1-4 brows and freckles
Every makeup includes a version with brown brows and a version with copper brows.
Both brow colour versions have a freckled and non-freckled version.

br = brown brows
br/fr = brown brows and freckles
co = copper brows
co/fr = copper brows and freckles

Audrey skins include “tattoo layers” to further customize your skin: matte and glossy lips in multiple colours, lashes and additional cleavages.
Audrey demos do not include demos of the lips.


(Undershirt layers of the cleavages are also included, in case you’d rather work with regular clothing layers.)
SL viewer 2.1 (and up) also supports multiple tattoo layers (as well as clothing!!) on top of eachother. (SL viewer 2.0 only supports 1 layer per bodypart)
This “stacking” works like layering of clothing in real life. You wear the layer that goes under everything else first.
Then, if you want to wear more layers on the same bodypart, rightclick the new layer, choose “add”, and it will form the second layer on top of the first one, etc.

NOTE: If you forget to rightclick and choose “add” and instead doubleclick or rightclick and choose “wear”, that layer will replace the layer you put on before it.

EXAMPLE: you want to wear a hairbase tattoo layer as your first layer, then an eyeshadow tattoo layer, and then a lashes tattoo layer. Just doubleclick the hairbase layer (or rightclick and choose “wear”) in your inventory to wear it. Then rightclick the eyeshadow layer you wish to wear and choose “add”. Finally, rightclick the lashes layer and choose “add”. If you, for example, forget to use the “add” function with the lashes layer, it will simply replace the eyeshadow layer you previously put on. In this case, rightclick the lashes layer and choose “take off” to remove it, then rightclick the eyeshadow layer and choose “add”. If you add the makeup layer ON TOP of the lashes layer, it might overlay the lashes, and obscure them, since eyeshadow and lashes are painted in the same area. If the eyeshadow layer was a lipstick layer, it would not matter, as lipstick is painted for another area on the face and would not affect the lashes.
Try it out!

These are out tomorrow! Visit Tuli and try a demo, and if you’re a member of her group (250L fee) you have to get the Audrey Group gift! The fee is definitely worth it.

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