Tik Tok’s Make Up on LAQ’s Tess.

This is LAQ’s new face called Tess2. I’ve decided my shape and LAQ skin are MFEO because ever since Molly I’ve been wearing LAQ non stop. It’s a good skin and you get 10 make ups for less than $2,000L. That’s a steal. It’s amazing. Anyway, this is the newest face called Tess2. I don’t know what Tess 1 looks like at all, but alright. Maybe I’ll go investigate it!

Ever since the invention of alpha layers for Second Life, there have been designers out there who creates an optional tattoo layer for face make up. Miah McAuley of Tik Tok has created twenty two tattoo layers for optional eye make up. I know a lot of people who will like this idea because now the possibilities are endless with what make up options you can come up with. I’m going to show off nine eye make up options for you. Unfortunately I’m not wearing eyelashes. I never wear eyelashes so I’m sorry if it looks creepy to you without it!

I love the eye shadow Miah McAuley has created! I can’t wait to mix it up with the other skins I love to wear.

Check out LAQ for a Tess2 Demo and Tik Tok for the eyeshadow!


August 28, 2010. Tags: , . MV-SL-Fashion, Review, skins.

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