Adventures of Jenny.

12/27/2009: LeLook Jenny
I wish I could take the credit for putting this together, but if you have a LeLook tag, there’s a gift they’re giving away for the whole avatar look. Luckily Jenny was able to afford all of the things she couldn’t get with her 88L budget because everything was, gasp, free. I doubt this will last any longer, but it was really worth it. Plus she picked up some accessories from the male avatar.


10/10/2009: Group Jenny.

Since the last time we’ve talked, Jenny has come a long way. Thanks to the Gnubie Store. It’s one the best places to buy freebees at and poor Jenny went nuts in there. Then it was a trip to Truth Hair to buy their dollar bee hairs. And after shelling out 250L to join the Tuli Group (worth it), Jenny was able to get the September pick’s gift; Hope Skin.


Now we’re going to see what new outfit we can come up with with only 83L to her name.

Group gifts and opening gifts are a blessing to Jenny. Exile has released a very cute gift for October. In fact, Exile always release great hair gifts each month for their group members. It’s always a different color variation of their new releases. Excellent. Plus Ninko released a new muffler for their October gift. The skin is from Obscene’s Grand Reopening and the shirt is from Barcode’s Grand Reopening. After the massive shopping spree I went on at the gnubie store (spent 20L!!!) the other week, I managed to find some good pants from Torridwear and Flats from Surf Co!

Fail. I cropped her shoes out, oh and also dont forget about the sale that’s going on at Decoy. It’s ending very soon.


09/07/2009: Noob Jenny.

I know the concept of having a character and having him or her live on nothing but freebees and 1L items isn’t new, but it’s something I haven’t experienced. I thought how cool it would be to have a new avatar and have her experience SL with nothing but the bare minimums. If I’ll find something good, I’ll blog it on the main page, but for now this is just a small blogumentary (new made up word) on how far I can go with just a few dollars.

Elate! had a “New Player Special Gift” in front of one of their outlet stores, and I was surprised to see so many stores also had the packet. I ran around with my noobie walk to get all I could. In the newbie packet from Elate! came a shape, skin, and clothes to get me started. I borrowed a couple of linden from my friend to get started. ETD has a good selection of hair, shoes, and clothes all for 1L. I couldn’t resist.

Hair: ETD – Katherine (1L)
Shape: Elate’s New Player Special Gift (for players under 30 days.)
Skin: Elate’s New Player Special Gift (for players under 30 days.)
Outfit: Elate’s New Player Special Gift (for players under 30 days.)
Shoes: ETD Triple Strap Mary Janes (1L)
Total cost:


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