Review Copies

Here at Les Girls! We greatly appreciate review copies and try to provide a fair and honest review of things on the grid. We try to blog a variety of things; from hair to skin to clothes and even furniture. All you have to do is send your blogging review pack to either Clear Canning, Sephia Ellison, or both; depending on the style. Though we’ve recently begun to get things to review, we don’t expect people to give us things to review. We’d also take landmarks to the store to buy on our own. We promise to blog everything that’s sent to us with a fair and honest review. But ultimately, we enjoy buying things. We’re SL consumers afterall!

If you’re going to pass us landmarks, please include them in a folder with a notecard as to what items in particular you’d like us to check out as well as mention somewhere in the title that they’re blogging items.

** Due to the heavy volume and time restraints, we can’t completely promise we’ll blog everything we receive, but we’ll try. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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