Adam and Eve’s Amanda Skin.

Amanda is the latest face from Adam and Eve. It comes in four tones with three different make ups. There’s also a face tattoo layer for freckles. Included in each skin are eyebrow shaper, hair, boobs, and hair & boobs skin version. There’s also pubic hair and a manicure and pedicure layer. I like the softness of the nose and maybe they’ll be more make ups for Amanda.


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Hyper Culture.

Christensia Parkin of Hyper Culture gave me two dresses to review and I have to say I’m glad she did. I love hug fitting sexy dresses that don’t reveal too much. It leaves everything to the imagination. On further probing of the store I see that there are a lot good things. It’s a huge store and worth checking out. These heels are from Adam and Eve and they were being sold for a small price for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if they’re still up, but if they are you should buy them. We all need a good red pair of heels. The hair is from Truth but I have some time so I’ll include SLURS. ❤


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Get Bent!

That’s the name of Gabe Bookmite’s pose store. He dropped a few of his latest poses on me and I realize that pose makers deserve recognition and blogging too. So I’m going to make a conscience effort to mention the poses I use. It’s just really hard because I drop everything in my pose stand and I shuffle through them so much that I forget the poses names. So forgive me. Anyway, I used Gabe’s poses in a blog post as well as some new items from places I went over the grid. I’ve been such a bad blogger as of late, but hopefully over the weekend I’ll be able to catch up with things and sort my inventory out all at the same time! Hope you like the new items and yes I’m including SURLs with it.


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Adam & Eve: Sasha Skins.

Just in time for the winter, Adam & Eve have released a new face in their skin line, Sasha. Sasha comes with an eyebrow shaper, an optional skin for boobs, freckle skin, and freckle skin with boobs. It also has all of those options with a hair base as well. That’s eight skins in total. There’s an underwear layer for pubic hair as well as a glove and sock layer for nail polish. I’ve always said I love when skin makers make toe nail polish because they know where the textures are in their skin and thus can align it. The tone I’m wearing is: Tone 1 Scarlet. Try out a few demos for yourself.


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Beat the Monday Blues.


If you’re like me, you need some incentive to get out of bed to start the week. Adam and Eve provides that with their lovely exclusive Portia skin they’re offering for only 100L! And it’s only for today!! Stop by the store and get it now!


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Adam and Eve: Leather n Lace

I was dropped the latest lingerie release by Adam and Eve and I had to show it off. Red is one of my favorite colors.

Leather and Lace(1)Leather and Lace(2)

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Adam and Eve’s Siren.

Welcome to the weekend. Today I bring you a review of Adam and Eve’s latest skin creation. sachi Vixen was gracious enough to drop a review pack of her skin to me and asked me to give an honest review of it and that’s what I’m going to do here. I’ll be honest, when I first tried on the skin I didn’t like the way it made me look, but that’s no fault of her’s. Like with most skin you buy, you have to tweak your shape to fit the skin and once I jumped over that hurdle, I instantly took pictures to show off.


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