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Finally Shane blogs with me!

Finally Shane and I had a chance to get together and blog! This hasn’t happened all year. As you know I’m a store manager at Naive. There are some new releases there if you check out the website. There’s also a new build! Naive’s things are relatively cheap and they range from formal wear to casual wear and even men’s wear. Shane and I thought it’d be cool to go there and find a few pieces to complete our outfits today, and we blogged together!

Check out Naive for it’s new releases. You might even see me there. 😉


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Best pants ever.

It should be well established by now that I enjoy “different” things in SL. Jackets tied around waists, hoodies worn over one arm and with one arm out, shirts with cigarettes in their pockets and sweats with condoms and Wayferers in theirs. Now a few weeks back, Clear linked me to some jeans on Xstreet with four different ways to wear them. I wanted them, but at the time, I was budgeting myself (found out yesterday that visiting my co-blogger might be a more attainable goal than once thought!) to save up my lindens for cash out, and lost the link. It took a while to find, but this morning, after 1 1/2 hours of sleep, I was inspired. I needed these jeans. I needed to wear them around my ankles as I performed for the final time at Azriel’s Australian Art Retreat (as it had to close due to funding purposes :() so I searched for everything from “pants floor” to “jeans” and found the male version – aha, there it was. Then I realized they also had a female version, and that was that. I bought ’em. Mine all mine.

Blog Sunday 2

Half downs. (more…)

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While Clear is off slaving at work, I’m at home doing nothing. I was originally going to write a witty account of my day. (Down to the two overweight men that walked past me when I was walking my dog, with 6 between them, that said “it’s a fuckin’ springer dog” – clearly.) I decided against it at some point, choosing to ease my headache by wearing a beanie inside the house. Look of the day……

Snapshot_006 (more…)

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