Barcode’s Layered Pack.

Barcode has released new shirts. They come in five colors and there’s a white shirt underneath. Hence the whole layered thing. I pared it with the jeans I picked up over Christmas. I’m also wearing the new eyes from Sergg, The Bodyshop. There are also skins there and a shape! It’s a simple look, cozy, and I hope you dig it.



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Maybe it’s time for miracles.


I don’t think it’s fair that there are so many awesome things in SL that are out a few weeks before Christmas. SL Designers you’re taking away money I could use for real life gifts for little virtual ones I’ll never come close to touching. Kidding, with that said, Modd G., Sixty Nine, and Anexx all have released things for the fall. Barcode released something last week for winter too, and I’m here to blog all of it. I don’t have gloves in real life, (well gloves I want anyway) but in SL I’m all set for the winter.

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New Items :: Babydoll Plaid

This is the new release from Makenzie Irling of Barcode. There are three versions to this top that can be worn with jeans or with nothing but shoes and a few accessories to make it a dress. The glasses are a new release from Mae Liamano’s store, Mustache.


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Barcode’s Mom Sweaters.

Yesterday I found a cool sim walking around with Shane and I thought it’d be a good idea to take a few pictures on it. I installed a new viewer, SnowGlobe, and every time I tried to take a picture I’d crash. I suppose it’s back to Gemni for me, or at least until I can figure out why the Imprudence Viewer’s voice doesn’t work. You know me, I love listening to other people’s conversations in stores. At any rate, today I’m going to show off new items that can be found in Barcode’s store. It’s hard to believe that Makenzie Irling has just started making clothes about a little over two months ago. I’ve been trying forever to make clothes and I can barely know how to pull my pants up if they’re sticking through boots I’m wearing at the moment.



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I’m back, and lazier than ever.

After a not-long-enough week across the border (my border, that is) I came home on Saturday to a surprise birthday party. I actually returned super cranky and was close to going to bed at 8pm out of a mixture of disappointment and exhaustion. I took a week to write, man, and I came back with nothing. I read a lot, though. I figured the other day I’d blog some of the things people got me for my first birthday experience on SL, since I am very much grateful to every single one of them, then I hopped over to Intrigue Co. (yes, I know) to find some new shirts I didn’t have. Naturally, I had to add these to the idea of a post I had too long ago to remember, along with the Gritty Kitty t-shirts from the poop hunt and the phenomenally suiting Merlotte’s shirts by BARCODE and Young Urban. So, uh, welcome back me.

Intrigue - Star Boober Relax


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