Get Bent!

That’s the name of Gabe Bookmite’s pose store. He dropped a few of his latest poses on me and I realize that pose makers deserve recognition and blogging too. So I’m going to make a conscience effort to mention the poses I use. It’s just really hard because I drop everything in my pose stand and I shuffle through them so much that I forget the poses names. So forgive me. Anyway, I used Gabe’s poses in a blog post as well as some new items from places I went over the grid. I’ve been such a bad blogger as of late, but hopefully over the weekend I’ll be able to catch up with things and sort my inventory out all at the same time! Hope you like the new items and yes I’m including SURLs with it.



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Two sales with clothes under 50L

Chikka Design

It’s Sunday and for me it’s the day I love to spend shopping in Second Life. Currently there are two sales going on that I know about. One is from Chikka Design and the other is Church of Luxe! Everything at Chikka Design is going for 49L. Everything at Church of Luxe is going at 50L. I couldn’t resist and I wanted to show off what I bought. The skin I’m using is the new Redgrave, Megan. I’m not too sure if I like it or not. It has to grow on me!


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