New Items:: PIDIDDLE

I was offered a blogger review pack of the new items of PIDIDDLE and I just want to thank the owner because I love the store. Out now you can find Kimchi Racerback Tanks, Raw Bones Leotards, and Scrunchy Wool Socks! Also there are new tattoos. I have new items from everywhere just sitting in my folder so I thought why not combine the new items with the items I have here and try to come up with a couple of outfits.


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flowey poses rock.

I love poses. No, really. I love poses more than chocolate, blue powerade and sex. (Well, almost.) Clear asked me to blog before she got home, so she’d have something to look at/read. I thought about it a while, and at first, I was going to blog the outfit I pieced together (something I’ll still do) then flipped through my pose stand to find some fresh ones. Stumbling across those that flowey sent the I Heart SL bloggers group the other day, I knew I had to use those, and so at the same time as blogging my outfit, I figured I’d plug this place too. I enjoy the bodies. No, really. I love bodies more than blue powerade, chocolate and pizza; especially when they move right. I’ve made some awful ones myself. The joints go everywhere, I look like a rat (see: Single Ladies post) and I don’t understand the limits of the human body enough to create them properly. Flowey does. Sooooooo here are some pose samples, an SLURL to go check out some to buy and my outfit.

flowey poses - 000 (more…)

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Just another Saturday.

The days go by so fast, I can hardly fit what feels like three breaths into 24 hours. It’s crazy. When the days go by fast, obviously, the weeks roll on, and before you know it another weekend is coming to a close. Prepared to start your week all over again? Stuck in a mindless, numbing routine you can’t get out of? Yeah, I know how it is. For most of us, that’s why we sign on SL. Nothing the same, everything different. At the same time, I find myself wishing life away from the computer was equally as enthralling. I’m tired of walking the same walks, seeing the same faces with names I don’t know, buying the same things, week in and week out. I’ve taken to reading the newspaper on weekdays. “Slow day for news,” I’ll say as my eyes drip with exhaustion after 8 hours of sleep. Have to play tonight, have to vent it all out in words that don’t belong in my mouth, wake up the next day and the same looming sense of banal existence looms over my shoulder. That is, of course, until Clear gets home. I know it sounds ridiculous to some people. Keep RL and SL separate, and I’m glad you can do that. But what if your SL isn’t your SL at all? What if SL is your RL in animated form, and all of your feelings are true, if not truer, than those when away? She’s a big part of my life, and some days it’s often quite daunting when I’m six hours ahead and I can’t see her.

But I digress. Weekends we can spend more time together. And so we blog!



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