Silhouette’s Shortcake Shapes.

Carissa Crimson has released new shapes and for a while I’m going to be showing you the various shapes you can buy. Every Silhouette Shortcake shape package includes a modifiable shape and a full styling card to achieve the style and personality that inspired the look shown in the vendor. The Shortcake Collection shapes also include Silhouette Eyes and Lashes perfectly fitted to the shape. Lash fittings for all Silhouette brand lashes and shapes is always complimentary. Shortcakes were designed to be smaller sized in natural heights ranging from 5’3″ to 5’7″ but can be made taller by increasing the Body Height.

There is a styling card that comes with each shape, but I find that the best shapes are versatile with different skins. So instead of showing you the skin in the style card, I thought I’d show off the other styles you can do with her shapes.


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New fall/winter items from Modd.G.


I have to say this. I love the way moddishh GossipGirl create her clothes. She has released a few key pieces for the winter in colors that remind me of bubble gum for some reason. It’s good thing, plus they come on different layers which is good. I put a few outfits together to show how you can wear the different styles, but ultimately I’m showcasing her new items that are for sale at her store. I even included the different skins I’m wearing. A first for me.


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Gone Fishing

Slow day, today. I’ve been watching The X Files almost as religiously as I used to, Aaron Carter’s voicemail was hacked, I got my pro microphone, am listening to Green Day and don’t know what to say. Clear and her sister Noelle TPed me somewhere to fish today. While they surfaced cute, wearable pets that you can name, I sat on a box and refused to pay, due to buying TMS (too much sh*t) earlier on, but I have to say, I love the fish Clear gave to me. His name is Mulder and he is, through scripting errors, devoid of a Scully.

Earlier I contemplated blogging my own outfit, realizing only then that pretty soon I’ll run out of clothes in my wardrobe and we won’t be able to expand our little universe out as far as we want to – past our own SL back yard (which is a beach) come July. Luckily for me, as always, Clear knew exactly what to throw together to make an outfit work. I think she looks great, I really do. While bias should be to fault, I’m pretty sure anyone you asked who saw her would agree with me. She has style, so I talked her into posing and writing her style sheet for me, and there lies our next post. The Wednesday Of Clear Canning. I’m also to assure readers (if we have any) that we’ll include SLURLs for our stuff once the both of us stop being so lazy.



Shorts – (Elephant Outfitters) Rolled Docker Shorts
Shoes – 50s Flats (by Ding Fotherington) Love, Mom (Mother’s Day Freebee!)
Jacket – Pink Outfitter’s Fi Cami & Cardigan Set
Necklace – Addict – Gold Love and Peace
Hair – ETD Chel (Blonde)

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