Joint Couple Post: Jenny and Shane.

From now until the end of the year, each week Shane and I are going to take a famous couple (whether it’s fictional or not) , go off of their style, and incorporate it into our own for a joint post. Five months ago (I can’t believe this has only been going on for five months), Shane and I were searching for names for our new blog we were working on. We tried EVERYTHING when all of a sudden the name Les Girls spoke to us. It made sense at the time. We’re a couple both IRL and in SL and like most of our bisexual and lesbian friends, we would watch and discuss a show called The L Word. At the time when the show was first on, it was innovative. It was special. I’ve never seen a show that portrayed lesbian and bisexuals in such a way before. We were lawyers, writers, athletes, in the corporate world, everywhere. For me personally, the L word gave me the ability to accept myself for who I am and not be ashamed to love anyone whether it’s a male or female. It made me realize I’m not the only one out there and it is OK to be myself and love myself. The L Word meant something to us and thus Les Girls was a perfect name to give back in a way to a show that gave to us. Jennifer Schecter and Shane McCutcheon are two of our favorites. Despite the terrible ending, Shenny was a great testimony of friendship. And so for our first couple try if you will, Shane and I are going to attempt to bring Shenny back in a positive light and ignore the whole Jenny dying thing.


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Shane’s Weekly Post.

Trace plurked about a WTWTA hoodie a couple of days back from Tyranny Designs, so naturally, the second I saw the slurl, I went on over there to pick it up myself. I hung out there for a while with a few people, and the owner, Tyr Rozenblum was so nice she dropped one of her new shirts on me; a purple version of the shirt she was giving away for 50L Friday. I was psyched I got the guys version and resized the prims as soon as I was given the opportunity to. It’s definitely one of my favourite shirts. Also, Magen Jigsaw of EmJay designs released some really warm-looking sweaters this past week and I had the pleasure of being given some. Anyway, I threw the sweater and the shirts on respectively and shot some pixxxxx. Hope you like.

Oh, also, the shirt I’m wearing underneath the sweater is from The Good Life. Fab store I hadn’t seen before until this week! I love their shirts. And the crown/sceptor are from Reek’s Max rompersuit.

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EmJay Designs new releases! (and a coming soon, gasp)

Mags passed me her new releases the other day. I loved them so much I walked around in the You Were Never My Girlfriend shirt for three days straight, making everyone throw their fists up in either the air due to honour or my face for the sake of it. I’m so tired of photoshop already, you know that? Talk about lazy. After two posts, I’m done and craving the plain white background of my earlier ones. Still, this was a realization I came to while prepping the pictures for today’s post, so you have a nice view of NYC. I’m not sure how many of my readers know this (probably 2) but my dream is to live in the city. I’m often asked why and I really couldn’t tell you, it’s one of those feelings I’ve had for as long as I can remember – how I was born on the other side of the ocean in the middle of a small, albeit historical city is beyond me, but I believe in reincarnation and sleeping with rich older people to get money.


Taxi to EmJay!

EmJay - New Releases 2 (more…)

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Les Girls do EmJay!

You’ll all probably know this already, but the fantastic and talented Magen Jigsaw has superior taste. Not only does she create the cutest clothes, supply a kind and generous personality, but she also loves our blog – WINNER, ha. After seeing the iSpy post from yesterday, she mentioned she’d pass us on over some clothes if we wanted to see them. It’s always a big honour, I’m pretty sure for the both of us, to be able to help designers in the promotion of their products, and these clothes most definitely need showing off.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed in the past, Clear and I are polar opposites when it comes to styling and EmJay Designs pretty much catered to the both of us (something that rarely happens, and when it does, is usually me buying the male versions to her female and modding them like the OCD counsellor on Glee) so we jumped on some pose stands to snap some shots. During the shooting of #3, I also remarked that our avatars looked like us; mine a skinnier version of myself, and she said hers was a curvier and skinnier version of herself, but she looks even better than her avatar in my opinion. That said…

EmJay - 01

Climb aboard the taxi!!!


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