New items from -Phoenix Rising-

Encounter (Lilac & Red)

Forte Skirt (Ice & Navy)
Boots: Gos – Dare Bootie (Black)
Shirt: Pig – Sing Sing Precious
Earrings: Garage – Pearl Beads Set

Ilan Cardigan (Purple)
Sopie Cuffed Jeans (Blue & Medium Wash)

Flats: Shiny Things – Francoise Flats (Grape)
Hair: ETD – Yvette – Black

Visit Phoenix Rising for this and more new items.

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Urbanity Skins and Modd.G Eyes.

If I could have a skill on SL it’ll definitely be the ability to make flawless skin. I’ll always admire people who can make skins because I can’t and it takes a lot of dedication and effort. Trixi Wuyts of Urbanity already knows how to create awesome clothes and accessories and decided to tackle on another project: Making skins. There are six skin tones (chocolate, coffee bean, latte, peach, milk, snow white) and there are five make ups with an additional lipstick. Ten skins in total. I’ll show you a few of the different make ups. These skins remind me very much of Pink Fuel, but I love the skin with the bandaid on the nose and the lips. I also used the new release of wolves eyes from Modd.G. Please forgive some of my crazy eyes in this. At the time of creating this post it was 1 am on a work night.

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MUA by Djinn & Tonic

Babyhoney Bailey has been designing things since she started SL over two years ago. She’s gone from building to creating clothes and now she’s creating skins. She was awesome enough to drop me a blogger’s pack of her new skins and let me tell you, they’re so many skins at her store that it’s really hard do an entire post to cover it. I’d be here forever and you’d be reading forever!

Let me tell you about the skins she has been working on. I hope I get all of this right. There are three skin tones. There are also four (brown, red, black, blonde) brow options. There are also 100 make up options for each brow, plus a freckled version and a shaved version which is good for when you want to wear low cut jeans. Each brow option has 10 eye shadows. You also have five choices for lip gloss to go with the eye shadow. You get twenty optional skins in one pack and one pack costs $1500L. Let me run that again. If you get a skin in a pale tone with blonde eyebrows and the eyeshadow is green. You’ll get five lip colors to go with the bare, freckled, shaved, shaved and freckled option. Twenty skins. Yeah that’s about right. All of that for 1500L?

I took a couple of pictures to show you some of the make up options you can get with the Mua skin by Babyhoney, but ultimately you should go to the store and try on a demo yourself.


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Hair: ETD – Laine
Leggings: Fishy Strawberry – Corduroy Treggings Brown
Tank: Fri.Day – Layering.Tank Scoop Brown
Cardigan – !OhMai – Feather Cardigan WHITECROW
Coat: AOHaru Fur Coat Brown Fur
Boots – BAX Prestige Boots Base Brown

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Barcode’s Mom Sweaters.

Yesterday I found a cool sim walking around with Shane and I thought it’d be a good idea to take a few pictures on it. I installed a new viewer, SnowGlobe, and every time I tried to take a picture I’d crash. I suppose it’s back to Gemni for me, or at least until I can figure out why the Imprudence Viewer’s voice doesn’t work. You know me, I love listening to other people’s conversations in stores. At any rate, today I’m going to show off new items that can be found in Barcode’s store. It’s hard to believe that Makenzie Irling has just started making clothes about a little over two months ago. I’ve been trying forever to make clothes and I can barely know how to pull my pants up if they’re sticking through boots I’m wearing at the moment.



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New Dress from Luck Inc.


Luck Inc is definitely one of my favorite stores. I was really excited to hear that CK Winx made some revisions of the Sinken dress. I love that dress, but it’s a little too revealing for every day wear. These new dresses are love, come with optional layers and a garter option as well. There are several wonderful colors that should be in the stores soon. I feel so sexy when I wear stuff from Luck Inc.


Here’s a SURL to the store.

Other things on Clear.

Hair: [Karma.] Fever

Glasses: &Bean – Reccession Street Bargain Glasses
Hair: Mirai Style – Lack
Socks: Detour – Sporty Socks
Shoes: ETD Shoes – Demi Trainers

Hair: Truth – Rebecca
Stockings: *Sheer* Tights 22
Heels: LeLutka – Teese Shoes/HotPink

Hair: Lamb – Bonjour Operator
Shoes:Maitreya Gold – Salience

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Modd.G – Emma Darling


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Gone Fishing

Slow day, today. I’ve been watching The X Files almost as religiously as I used to, Aaron Carter’s voicemail was hacked, I got my pro microphone, am listening to Green Day and don’t know what to say. Clear and her sister Noelle TPed me somewhere to fish today. While they surfaced cute, wearable pets that you can name, I sat on a box and refused to pay, due to buying TMS (too much sh*t) earlier on, but I have to say, I love the fish Clear gave to me. His name is Mulder and he is, through scripting errors, devoid of a Scully.

Earlier I contemplated blogging my own outfit, realizing only then that pretty soon I’ll run out of clothes in my wardrobe and we won’t be able to expand our little universe out as far as we want to – past our own SL back yard (which is a beach) come July. Luckily for me, as always, Clear knew exactly what to throw together to make an outfit work. I think she looks great, I really do. While bias should be to fault, I’m pretty sure anyone you asked who saw her would agree with me. She has style, so I talked her into posing and writing her style sheet for me, and there lies our next post. The Wednesday Of Clear Canning. I’m also to assure readers (if we have any) that we’ll include SLURLs for our stuff once the both of us stop being so lazy.



Shorts – (Elephant Outfitters) Rolled Docker Shorts
Shoes – 50s Flats (by Ding Fotherington) Love, Mom (Mother’s Day Freebee!)
Jacket – Pink Outfitter’s Fi Cami & Cardigan Set
Necklace – Addict – Gold Love and Peace
Hair – ETD Chel (Blonde)

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