Things You Should Know About Plastik.

I’m going on a road trip!
It’s going to be around the 5th of next month.
I’m going to travel around and see a ton of things, including the San diego zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas and stuff. I’m really, really excited. but the gas is hella expensive right now so i figured i’d make a fun sale out of it and to try out the new patterns ive been working on.

There are two of almost everything in my store, ——–(79 items total)———, in a special edition pattern or color. There will be skins as soon as i finish the ads, too! ❤

The sale will be going on for a couple weeks, i know some people dont get wind of these things till it's too late and i always try to make sure everyone gets to come and take a peek. <3.

-Kea Rieko; The Plastik.



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I’m not sure how I used to find time to check fashion blogs, last year, but I did. At one point, I was crazy obsessed with them, and one of the very first things I would do before going about my day, was to check what was on sale. Thank God I had Clear to support me, because I’ve no fucking idea how I ever would’ve lasted in this world without her – for more than money reasons – but she managed to stand by and hand me money whenever I saw something I wanted.

Nothing much has changed as far as my time goes; then why, Internet, do I find myself unable to do the same things as I did last year? I think I have issues with both attention and routine, which strays from my astrological roots a bit. (But who buys into those things anyway, I’ve allegedly been coming into money 5 times now, and it’s never happened.) I feel as though I became disillusioned with blogging; straying from how I originally started to do it and into fashion territory, which to be honest, I don’t know so much about – I still wear skinnies.

Inspiration hit me this week in the form of Tegan and Sara’s new LP, full of Alligator remixes, as well as Kaki King’s newest album, JUNIOR. And not only did this week’s releases from Action inspire me to Piece for the very first time in a long time, I wore a dress for good. And I love it. Surprising, isn’t it? But it’s cute, and I love the primwork. Not to mention, Johnn Balzibo might be one of my favourite jewelry makers on SL (right beside HOD) and he passed us some of his necklaces he made, which I might blog about singularly very soon. I can’t wait for his store, and one of us will most definitely link you to it as soon as possible!

For more of ACTION’s new releases, you can check their blog, and see what other amazing new things they have at their store!

Dress- Action Womens Fling Dress- Floral 03
Hair- Action Mens Hair Matt – Light Auburn
Necklace- Hep C – Chew on this ❤ mozard pink
Socks- Pig – Socks Mit Suspenders Black
Arms- fri. – Arm.Warmers – Gray

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Time for the beach with Surf Co.

In less than a month it’ll be spring. After that it’ll be summer, finally! Surf Co. is getting us ready with new bikinis, shorts, and shoes. What I like about the swimsuits the most are the cute bows on the side. I can tell they probably took the longest to create because they’re adorable. I personally have not seen anything like this before in SL. Usually the swimsuits I see with ribbons on the side are prims or sculpties. Not actually drawn on the suit. I hope you enjoy the outfits!


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Lots of things today.

I haven’t been feeling good lately. I lost my mojo a little bit so everything I’ve had in my inventory that’s new has been festering and waiting for the perfect day to come out. Today was that day. There are so many good releases that’s out on the grid that goes with the old things in my inventory that it was a blast to put outfits together (or POTing as Shane likes to call it) and bring you some new interesting looks. But before I get into anything, I want to announce that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE NAIVE GIRL CONTEST. SEE HERE FOR DETAILS. That’s how you kill two birds with one stone. I hope you guys will enjoy the looks myself, Shane, and our friend Sephia Ellison has put together for you today, and if you’d like to exchange blog links with us, just comment! We love to see your work too!



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Barcode’s Mom Sweaters.

Yesterday I found a cool sim walking around with Shane and I thought it’d be a good idea to take a few pictures on it. I installed a new viewer, SnowGlobe, and every time I tried to take a picture I’d crash. I suppose it’s back to Gemni for me, or at least until I can figure out why the Imprudence Viewer’s voice doesn’t work. You know me, I love listening to other people’s conversations in stores. At any rate, today I’m going to show off new items that can be found in Barcode’s store. It’s hard to believe that Makenzie Irling has just started making clothes about a little over two months ago. I’ve been trying forever to make clothes and I can barely know how to pull my pants up if they’re sticking through boots I’m wearing at the moment.



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