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Killer Post!

It’s that time again. Killer Post time. I’m still budgeting – – trying not to buy anything in SL I don’t actually want or need. In the process, I’m missing out on hairs I could have, clothes I could have and the lindens are slowly building up in my account. Awesome, right? Well, I was bored this morning, and I checked the feeds. Somebody, and I don’t remember who, but I praise you so much for doing it, blogged a drum bag and a guitar bag from Sey. Gasp, I thought to myself. That is something I need. There’ll be no shortage of use for it in my cyber-hand. I’ll take it everywhere with me; to shows, to stores, to parties. Guh, just guh. TPing right on over to the store, I had to wait for it to rez, and as soon as it had, had to hold back on buying the drum one too. I’m a guitar player, though, so it made more sense for me to get that one. They have four different sets for 380L each, 5 textures in each, and also 6 different ways to carry it. (It attaches to your left hand, or your spine.) And I don’t know, it’s awesome.



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Something old.

I was looking through my inventory and found this old skirt I bought from Last Call. To me these clothes are still as relevant as they were back in 2007.



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Yay sweats!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged randomly, so I nabbed a couple of minutes before eating to snap some pictures of an outfit based around some kick ass sweat pants I bought yesterday at anuenue.+ NoaR, mainly for my avatar to sleep in. (Sometimes I’ll let her sleep in bed while I go to bed myself, sometimes hoping Clear will do the same – it’s nice to wake up to.) Anyway, I threw on a new shirt I bought, due to initially being shirtless and hopped on up to the photo studio to pose around. I wish I could stand as still IRL, I really do.


Check out the funky prim pocket complete with sunglasses, cigarettes and… well… condoms, but still. My SL job is to help preach safe sex.


Hair- *Action Mens Hair Ryan – Mocha
Glasses- /artilleri/ buddy glasses(taped)
T-shirt- .:Hermony:. – NY ❤ ME – Tee – Grey
Sweats- NoaR SweatPants *gray

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