New Store: *Kawaii*

When I logged into SL today, I found a review box from Anoushka Feden. She owns a new store called *Kawaii* and gave me two things to review for you all.


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[Gos] Doc Boots by Gospel Voom

Gospel Voom is at it again. The first time I talked to you about him it was about his new sunglasses. Now it’s about his boots. What’s unique about these boots is that you buy only one pair of boots, and the rest of the colors come in texture packs. You don’t have to clutter your inventory with different pairs of boots, you can only wear one pair of boots and you color it just like you would the sunglasses. (Post found here.)


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Joint Couple Post: Jenny and Shane.

From now until the end of the year, each week Shane and I are going to take a famous couple (whether it’s fictional or not) , go off of their style, and incorporate it into our own for a joint post. Five months ago (I can’t believe this has only been going on for five months), Shane and I were searching for names for our new blog we were working on. We tried EVERYTHING when all of a sudden the name Les Girls spoke to us. It made sense at the time. We’re a couple both IRL and in SL and like most of our bisexual and lesbian friends, we would watch and discuss a show called The L Word. At the time when the show was first on, it was innovative. It was special. I’ve never seen a show that portrayed lesbian and bisexuals in such a way before. We were lawyers, writers, athletes, in the corporate world, everywhere. For me personally, the L word gave me the ability to accept myself for who I am and not be ashamed to love anyone whether it’s a male or female. It made me realize I’m not the only one out there and it is OK to be myself and love myself. The L Word meant something to us and thus Les Girls was a perfect name to give back in a way to a show that gave to us. Jennifer Schecter and Shane McCutcheon are two of our favorites. Despite the terrible ending, Shenny was a great testimony of friendship. And so for our first couple try if you will, Shane and I are going to attempt to bring Shenny back in a positive light and ignore the whole Jenny dying thing.


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White Winter Hymnal

I was following the pack, all swallowed in their coats, with scarves of red tied ’round their throats, to keep their little heads from fallin’ in the snow, and I turned ’round and there you go. And, Michael, you would fall, and turn the white snow red as strawberries in the summertime.

Somebody advertised an insomnia killer to me, on an old post of mine. Like I said back then, my insomnia is down to not sleeping, therefore ruling it out as an incapability – it’s just what I do. My Uncle has a better computer than me, with a far better graphics card. It’s crazy, I sign on and my heart skips a beat; everything is so crisp and clear. Shocking.

Woke up this morning. Early, after a night without the internet, so I’m glad I found something to buy on the feeds (which turned into a few things to buy on the feeds.) And HAIR THAT I FELL IN LOVE WITH AT THAT, all thanks to the post that somebody used some hair from Buried in. I love this store.

Took advantage of the computer borrowing and snapped some shots at various places, including Lostwood and Jordan Giant’s drift.wood skybox demo. (Beautiful.)



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