Lazy Sundays.

Greetings! It’s been a while since Shane and I got together to show off an outfit together. Timezones are our biggest enemy and it keeps us apart more than we care to admit. It sucks, but when you’re six hours apart from the one you want to be with you have to make due with the time given to you. Today we thought we’d get together and blog two outfits.

There are a lot of new things out on the grid. I don’t think Shane and I have had a chance to shop together, but maybe after I’m done with this, I can convince her to go on a shopping spree with me. Today’s blog shows new things from Tiny Bird, Urbanity, Maitreya, Action, and Insignia.

Also if you didn’t know, Shane is in a band! Her group, Dead Heathers, our back and ready to take over the SL grid by storm. If you’ve never heard of the band, check out their myspace page here. You can also find Shane’s page on it too. She’s a musician.

Anyway, here are the outfits we put together for our Sunday afternoon. I apologize for not getting the pose names written down. My internet has been acting up and I’ve been all over the place today. If you recognize your pose I used, please comment and I’ll credit you ASAP!


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Action Womens Boardwalk Tee- Seafoam and Action Mens Slouchy V-Neck – Rose both $60L at Action until midnight tonight!! Go down and grab them.

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I enjoy a lot of things in life. Music, certain company, lunch, and clothes on SL that I would wear in RL if I owned them there. This is the s*&% right here, ladies and gentlemen. No dresses and beautiful make up; just things that are completely, and fully Shane.

I want every piece of this outfit. From Action’s new shirt, to the Cheer No hair I caught on another blog, in a post I loved so much, the accessories of which I’m going to go to the store and raid for some more. All of it, so lets take a look eh?

Hair- CheerNo
Fork- Awesome Blossom (Zombie Popcorn Hunt!)
Scarf- Mr Poet – FREE
Necklace- Hep C
Bracelets- *JD*DESIGN
Shoes- Meriken Co.

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