SL Daily Deals ~ :: Exodi :: The Kamen Set

As one of the official bloggers for the SL Daily Deals, I wanted to show off something you can get at a discounted price for today only. At Exodi you can buy the jewelery set, The Kamen Set, for only 325L. That’s 50% off. You can only get it today!

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Look of the Day.

Today is Sunday, making tomorrow Monday. I’m not a fan of Sundays, knowing tomorrow is always Monday. Same shit, different week, so I will express my distaste of the day via interpretive dance.


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Lots of things today.

I haven’t been feeling good lately. I lost my mojo a little bit so everything I’ve had in my inventory that’s new has been festering and waiting for the perfect day to come out. Today was that day. There are so many good releases that’s out on the grid that goes with the old things in my inventory that it was a blast to put outfits together (or POTing as Shane likes to call it) and bring you some new interesting looks. But before I get into anything, I want to announce that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE NAIVE GIRL CONTEST. SEE HERE FOR DETAILS. That’s how you kill two birds with one stone. I hope you guys will enjoy the looks myself, Shane, and our friend Sephia Ellison has put together for you today, and if you’d like to exchange blog links with us, just comment! We love to see your work too!



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Muism + Intrigue Co.

Fresh from the sourness that is 15 And Pregnant, I decided to blog. Over the past five days, I’ve worn maybe 2 outfits. I’m still on a self-proclaimed price cut, so I can have more money in than that which is going out to minor things on SL when I can’t afford coke. Ha, I kid.

Muism had(?) a 50% sale going on, and thank God. There are some coats in there for too-many-L-than-I-want-to-spend, but I can see why in a way. Well made, nicely constructed and textured, thought out, and I know it takes a long time to make things – not first hand of course, I couldn’t make clothes if my life depended on it-  I’m just lucky and have the money when there are some people that don’t. Regardless, I’m in love with their flexi ties and picked one out, teaming it with a tweed unisex jacket I grabbed for less than 250. I was set.

Intrigue Co. has some new shirts. Newly textured with some kickass designs. I love that store, as our readers are aware, and I’d blog their creations until the end of the earth. Like I said, I’m cutting back on buying things, and though at 25L/piece, I could pick up 10 of them for 250, I snatched the few I liked best. I’ll probably find myself going back there soon, though. The Indie texture whore in me is pretty satisfied. Here we go.


Style card and Intrigue shirts under the cut!


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League of Our Own

League came out with new jeans. That’s the first thing I’ll say, because it’s one of the best pieces of SL news I’ve heard all week. I own a pair of every single one of their pants and I can’t get enough of the detail, design or thought put into their clothes. Today, simultaneously, Clear and I both mentioned them and within five seconds had TPed on over there to but them, despite lack of funds on my behalf. (One day I’ll be an SL Capitalist, one day!) They were well worth the buy, and soon led to a discussion/mockery over the pronunciation of garage when tracking down a place to snap the shots. I found one eventually. We roamed it, snapped it and here we are.



On Clear

Hair- TRUTH Romy – night
Boots- TheAbyss NAU Combat Boots (Unisex)
Pants- *League* Garage Jeans (Straight Leg Fit)
Shirt- *League* Garage Shirt Khaki


On Shane

Hair- Uw.St Reed-Hair mesh black (freebie!)
Gloves- [CALYPSO GIANO] Gloves – Rock my Life
Facepaint- *BOOM* All Star (Rt)
Earrings- :: Exodi :: Annah Hoop Earring
Cigarette- (NS) Cigg- White animation
Shoes- :GF: sneakers 1
Top- *Muism* [Tank Top]_Black&White
Jeans- *League* garage jeans – Turn-Up Fit


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