Introducing CandyDoll’s Bianca Skin

Well hello everyone in SL! I’m putting off doing actual studying IRL to bring you this post. I promise myself I’ll do some home work after this, but before I get to RL I thought I’d talk about the new face from CandyDoll. A few months ago I made a post and I expressed how I wasn’t that much of a fan of CandyDoll’s skins. Well, all of that has changed. I can see the way she is improving her skins with every release. That’s what I personally like to see. I love it when a new skin designer improves on his or her work. Anyway, this is her new face and it’s called Bianca. Bianca comes with an optional cleavage, normal, hair base options. You get four skins in total.

I’ve also included the new retro halter top from !Nayar entitled “Bette Halter.” The Bette Halter has just been released and I’m showing off the colors I received in the bloggers pack as well as the different make up for Bianca and optional cleavage skin. Sorry no nudes for now! I hope you like the simple outfit I pieced together as well as the make up. If you like the skin, please demo it before you buy it! The links and rest of the pictures will be underneath the cut!


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! Nayar’s Raven Tank.


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Start of a new week.

It’s the start of a new week! Which means nothing cause I do the same thing every week. Real life is fun, right? I tell you what is fun, new releases from I Love Olive, Reek, and Nayar. Also I picked up something Shane thinks is funny, but it’s the reason why I am finally on 2.0.

We’ll start off with the new release from I Love Olive called Jolene. This hair is adorable! I swear the creators of I Love Olive are getting better with every release they come out with. Jolene is a side sweep ponytail hair with a clip on the side of it. I kept clicking on the clip and it didn’t do anything so sadly you can’t change it’s colors. I like this hair. It’s sporty and flirty and goes well with the rest of this outfit.

Nayar! released Sissi tube tops and no one can go wrong with tube tops in Second Life. I’m wearing the pink and grey tube top. I paired it off with the old short release from Surf Co. for a casual look.

I remember back in the nineties everyone from where I was from used to wear their socks underneath their sandals. I thought that fashion trend was stupid! It made no sense whatsoever. However with Reek’s new sandal release, I can’t seem to stop wearing these sandals. I like the work that was put into making the foot part of the sock. You can also get these sandals without the socks and wear them plain. I love these!

I had to get 2.0 so I can wear the teeth tattoo from a store called Porcupine Love. If you’re a fan of teeth on skin, now you can have teeth on all of your skin with this layer for 2.0. If you don’t have 2.0, you can go to the shop and get the prim version of it. Each are only 30L. I’m not a fan of teeth, but I like these. I’m going to wear it all week (maybe) and see which skins look good with it.

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Getting ready for the summer with Atomicbambi and Nayar.

Summer is almost here which means it’s time for beach weather. Kaz Nayar of Nayar is getting us prepared with his new release called Katey-Kini. Katey-Kini comes on a jacket, shirt, underwear, undershirt, and pants layer and includes a bow to fit on the back.

AtomicSparkle Skytower of Atomic Bambi is my new favorite skin maker. There I said it! Ok, she’s one of them haha. She keeps progressing and she keeps getting better at her skins. ( I can’t wait for one to be called Clear with heavy and outrageous eye make up. ) She has a new skin out called Sabrina. Sabrina comes with red, light, and dark eyebrows as well as freckles and an optional skin for cleavage. I believe this is the first skin that comes with the cleavage. I remember she had cleavage enhancers, but not the actual skin yet. It reminds me a lot of the Apple face, but I love the shading on this one. I’m wearing the sunblush tone and while I show off most of the Katey-Kinis, I’m also showing off different options for the Sabrina skin. By the way: The old bikinis at Nayar are currently $75L and the fat pack is $299L for an undisclosed (short) period of time.
I hope you like!

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Plastik’s Tomboy Tees & Nayar’s Panties


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Monday, September 28, 2009.

Something simple and easy to put on. I should challenge myself more and try to mix and match up more things. There’s always tomorrow.


Hair: Neva.2
Skirts: !Nayar – Destroyed Denim Mini Skirt
Tank: Emery – Tank Choose Life
Jacket: AoHaru – Roll Up Riders With Shirt
Boots: J’s Long Boots

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Starting tomorrow: Nayar



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