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This is just a quick post to show you all of the good things you can get at Fri.Day and Sh*t Happens. Credits are underneath the cut.


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Hi. I’m your sporadic blogger Shane Kirshner, coming straight to you from the land of boredom topped with displacement. On one hand, this is anti-productive, but on the other, it gets my fingers a-goin’ to blog a few things I had handed to me over the weekend. KOSH sent me some kick ass roses for your mouth. ROSES. Yes, I feel like Carmen (no, not that one) or the Beyonce Knowles version of, from the Hip Hopera I watched in 2003. Not to mention a cute little Oaken jewelry set that I love the shape/feel of. It completely fits the form which not a lot of jewelry does on SL. Then to top it off, another one of [SHAG]‘s new hairs, “The Fallen.”

Um, here ya go.


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Hipster what?

One of Shag’s new hairs, “Under My Thumb” gave me a hipster vibe so strong that when League handed on over their gift (I think) of the striped gloves and skirt, I knew I had to POT something the youngins would wear at a Bravery concert. I like it!

(I’m not staying in this all day, though.)


January 10, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Look of the Day, MV-SL-Fashion. 3 comments. on… monday.’s been known for its detail ever since it showed up on the grid, this past summer. A group of designers with Pseudonyms to avoid notoriety put their heads together to create, and they seem to make sculpties like no other. Before I go out for the day, I’m throwing this up so Clear can wake up to something “exciting”.


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New Items:: PIDIDDLE

I was offered a blogger review pack of the new items of PIDIDDLE and I just want to thank the owner because I love the store. Out now you can find Kimchi Racerback Tanks, Raw Bones Leotards, and Scrunchy Wool Socks! Also there are new tattoos. I have new items from everywhere just sitting in my folder so I thought why not combine the new items with the items I have here and try to come up with a couple of outfits.


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flowey poses rock.

I love poses. No, really. I love poses more than chocolate, blue powerade and sex. (Well, almost.) Clear asked me to blog before she got home, so she’d have something to look at/read. I thought about it a while, and at first, I was going to blog the outfit I pieced together (something I’ll still do) then flipped through my pose stand to find some fresh ones. Stumbling across those that flowey sent the I Heart SL bloggers group the other day, I knew I had to use those, and so at the same time as blogging my outfit, I figured I’d plug this place too. I enjoy the bodies. No, really. I love bodies more than blue powerade, chocolate and pizza; especially when they move right. I’ve made some awful ones myself. The joints go everywhere, I look like a rat (see: Single Ladies post) and I don’t understand the limits of the human body enough to create them properly. Flowey does. Sooooooo here are some pose samples, an SLURL to go check out some to buy and my outfit.

flowey poses - 000 (more…)

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Halloween in SL.

I’m a virgin when it comes to Second Life Halloween – this is my first. Thus far, it hasn’t been disappointing. I didn’t manage to get a costume I stuck with, but I did throw a few pieces together to get my final look, which I’m not blogging. I technically started playing this game in October 2006. That’s three years ago for those of you, like me, who have lost all hold on time and space, as though the world is building up to the cataclysmic meltdown as predicted by the Mayans years and years in the past. In my first couple of weeks, I met a girl called Elle Kirshner, at (I think) a club called Hooters n Shooters. She’d made friends with Clear, and since we shared the last name, for that one night we referred to each other as cousins. I look back on this fondly, as it was only hours later when my computer decided it no longer wanted to handle SL anymore. Little did I know, when I was brought back to the grid, 2 1/2 years later, Elle would be an awesome builder and owner of Second Spaces. I love her furniture. It’s so classic, and I worship the little writing desk I keep meaning to buy. In any event, Clear passed me over the Second Spaces Halloween bits and bobs to blog, which is what this is, combined with a little of my Halloween outfit and a dog that looks like my RL one! (Yay.)



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Best pants ever.

It should be well established by now that I enjoy “different” things in SL. Jackets tied around waists, hoodies worn over one arm and with one arm out, shirts with cigarettes in their pockets and sweats with condoms and Wayferers in theirs. Now a few weeks back, Clear linked me to some jeans on Xstreet with four different ways to wear them. I wanted them, but at the time, I was budgeting myself (found out yesterday that visiting my co-blogger might be a more attainable goal than once thought!) to save up my lindens for cash out, and lost the link. It took a while to find, but this morning, after 1 1/2 hours of sleep, I was inspired. I needed these jeans. I needed to wear them around my ankles as I performed for the final time at Azriel’s Australian Art Retreat (as it had to close due to funding purposes :() so I searched for everything from “pants floor” to “jeans” and found the male version – aha, there it was. Then I realized they also had a female version, and that was that. I bought ’em. Mine all mine.

Blog Sunday 2

Half downs. (more…)

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Lots of things today.

I haven’t been feeling good lately. I lost my mojo a little bit so everything I’ve had in my inventory that’s new has been festering and waiting for the perfect day to come out. Today was that day. There are so many good releases that’s out on the grid that goes with the old things in my inventory that it was a blast to put outfits together (or POTing as Shane likes to call it) and bring you some new interesting looks. But before I get into anything, I want to announce that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE NAIVE GIRL CONTEST. SEE HERE FOR DETAILS. That’s how you kill two birds with one stone. I hope you guys will enjoy the looks myself, Shane, and our friend Sephia Ellison has put together for you today, and if you’d like to exchange blog links with us, just comment! We love to see your work too!



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Day 4: I love Shagging.

I’m going to be honest with this; I usually hate male hair. It’s very rare I like the textures and look of it enough to buy, and most of the time (I won’t name names) they’re so bad at resizing that they end up looking like blocks on your head and you end up cringing every time you see them in your inventory, confused and sad over why you ever wasted money on them. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl and if my head was size 70 I’d look like a bobblehead, who knows. Either way, last week, we were roaming around some stores and Clear found a new hair store – SHAG. Well, I was in love with the title. It took me back to being 11 years old and obsessed with a comedy show we had over here called Game On.

The main character, Matt, was my idol. A foul mouthed, agoraphobic prick of a human being who spend his time roaming around the house dressed up as Robert De Niro and Rambo, then going on to mock his two room mates who had full time jobs, every time they came back. His vocabulary consisted of darling phrases like “jism-monkeys”, “twat” and a most eccentric, “shhhhhhhhh-agging.” It was around this time that Friends started to get popular. Jennifer Aniston’s hair becoming one of those things every adult woman wanted. It’d be in the magazines: How To Get Jennifer Aniston’s Shag Cut. This amused my infantile mind. SHAG was not hair! Well, now Shag is hair, and some damn fine hair at that. I love the textures and I didn’t have to resize any of them to fit me. I did a little head adjusting but, I mean, I do that no matter what hair I’m in.

Here are a few of the male/unisex cuts in the store:


This is BLOWN. I like it. Very often curly hair in Second Life looks odd. Not this one. I’d wear it over and over again, I could POT around it. It’s not blocky, it’s not oversized. I don’t know about the lighter colours, since I prefer to wear dark but I’ve chosen hazel for all of my samples and it’s killer.


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