Shane’s RL V-Day.

What else is there to do when physically alone but lounge around your house in your underwear? St Valentine is everywhere. He’s on the radio, he’s on TV, and when yours is too far away to fathom, company is found in books (read as: video games, but I wanted to seem intellectual) and Mad Men Season 1 with your mother. Ha. Anyway, though our SL house is much better than my RL one, I tried to replicate today in picture form for fun.


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Hipster what?

One of Shag’s new hairs, “Under My Thumb” gave me a hipster vibe so strong that when League handed on over their gift (I think) of the striped gloves and skirt, I knew I had to POT something the youngins would wear at a Bravery concert. I like it!

(I’m not staying in this all day, though.)


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New @ Pink Outfitters pt. II.

I fell in love with Pink Outfitters in the summer, when London released some V neck shirts of the most amazing textures. I was hooked. When the 50L sale hit, I went crazy, shopping to no end with my best friend. So when she offered to send some review copies of her new things to people on plurk, I had to get in on that action. The best part about her, which I think Clear mentioned already, is that she designs everything from scratch. This girl is a natural talent, and was born to do this – I’m not talking about designing purely online, but in the real world too. She can do it, and her in world clothes show you that. I’m not going to say too much more though, it’s like Silent Hill outside my window, and I feel like World Watching!


(Also, I’m really in love with L. Fauna skins. I can see why they’re going to be popular, but I don’t think I can turn away.)


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Hey Hermano.

And she cried into the night, “I AM A BLOGGING MACHINE!” What’s up? Did you have a good weekend? Mine wasn’t so bad. I probably slept a total of 4 hours between Friday and Saturday, but isn’t that what the interweb is for? I always used to say I had insomnia too. (Don’t get me wrong, back in the day, I used to have it big time.)

“I haven’t slept. I have insomnia.”
“What happens? Do you see black twisting voids behind your eyes?”
“Yeah, sure, like that. It’s weird.”

I exist 5-8 hours in the future to most of my friends, so I like to be around and in the haps when I can be. I’ll talk about real insomnia when I’m not smelling of cherry blossom shower gel and apple shampoo. It makes me anti productive as I’m too busy smelling my own skin and hair to think up something to say.

When I woke up this morning, I was bored. I’d missed Clear by about 2 seconds, then decidedly roamed around a few of my favourite stores to see if they had anything new I could puke a little of my Regina Spektor song-covering money out on to blog. Nothing here, nothing there, nothing in between. As per my post yesterday, I decided to head on over to [jp] designs to see if they had anything to pique my fancy. Lo and behold, they did, and jeans with a belt that opens, too. I had to get them, and in doing so, start up something I’m going to call a “Killer Post.” Whenever I find something that makes me excited, I will make a Killer ____ Post. I also had a couple of shirts from the place lying around and wasn’t sure if I’d blogged them yet, so hi. I’m Shane Kirshner, and this is me killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Yay! Focus! I’m pumped, are you? (Still smell great.)

Blog Monday 0


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Just another Saturday.

The days go by so fast, I can hardly fit what feels like three breaths into 24 hours. It’s crazy. When the days go by fast, obviously, the weeks roll on, and before you know it another weekend is coming to a close. Prepared to start your week all over again? Stuck in a mindless, numbing routine you can’t get out of? Yeah, I know how it is. For most of us, that’s why we sign on SL. Nothing the same, everything different. At the same time, I find myself wishing life away from the computer was equally as enthralling. I’m tired of walking the same walks, seeing the same faces with names I don’t know, buying the same things, week in and week out. I’ve taken to reading the newspaper on weekdays. “Slow day for news,” I’ll say as my eyes drip with exhaustion after 8 hours of sleep. Have to play tonight, have to vent it all out in words that don’t belong in my mouth, wake up the next day and the same looming sense of banal existence looms over my shoulder. That is, of course, until Clear gets home. I know it sounds ridiculous to some people. Keep RL and SL separate, and I’m glad you can do that. But what if your SL isn’t your SL at all? What if SL is your RL in animated form, and all of your feelings are true, if not truer, than those when away? She’s a big part of my life, and some days it’s often quite daunting when I’m six hours ahead and I can’t see her.

But I digress. Weekends we can spend more time together. And so we blog!



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