Zoobong & Riano Ink.

I did the first MHOH in July, or something, and there were a few things from Zoobong that I liked and still wear to this day. Well, it never occurred to me to go back to the shop to look until recently when I was wearing the polo shirt I got in it. I loved the look/feel, and I then made a mental note to go shopping. Of course, I couldn’t buy just one thing and ended up coming away with a couple, crossing over to Riano right after to pick up this kick ass t-shirt that I find a lot of fun. I also, yesterday, splashed out on more Epoque hair. Why I chose now to splash out is beyond me, but hey, if you like live music in SL and you’re bored, at 5pm tonight my band and I will be playing our first ever gig at TwoKats Coffee House. /shameless plug. SO, onto style cards.



January 23, 2010. Tags: , , . Look of the Day, MV-SL-Fashion. 2 comments.