Joint Couple Post: Jenny and Shane.

From now until the end of the year, each week Shane and I are going to take a famous couple (whether it’s fictional or not) , go off of their style, and incorporate it into our own for a joint post. Five months ago (I can’t believe this has only been going on for five months), Shane and I were searching for names for our new blog we were working on. We tried EVERYTHING when all of a sudden the name Les Girls spoke to us. It made sense at the time. We’re a couple both IRL and in SL and like most of our bisexual and lesbian friends, we would watch and discuss a show called The L Word. At the time when the show was first on, it was innovative. It was special. I’ve never seen a show that portrayed lesbian and bisexuals in such a way before. We were lawyers, writers, athletes, in the corporate world, everywhere. For me personally, the L word gave me the ability to accept myself for who I am and not be ashamed to love anyone whether it’s a male or female. It made me realize I’m not the only one out there and it is OK to be myself and love myself. The L Word meant something to us and thus Les Girls was a perfect name to give back in a way to a show that gave to us. Jennifer Schecter and Shane McCutcheon are two of our favorites. Despite the terrible ending, Shenny was a great testimony of friendship. And so for our first couple try if you will, Shane and I are going to attempt to bring Shenny back in a positive light and ignore the whole Jenny dying thing.


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Muism + Intrigue Co.

Fresh from the sourness that is 15 And Pregnant, I decided to blog. Over the past five days, I’ve worn maybe 2 outfits. I’m still on a self-proclaimed price cut, so I can have more money in than that which is going out to minor things on SL when I can’t afford coke. Ha, I kid.

Muism had(?) a 50% sale going on, and thank God. There are some coats in there for too-many-L-than-I-want-to-spend, but I can see why in a way. Well made, nicely constructed and textured, thought out, and I know it takes a long time to make things – not first hand of course, I couldn’t make clothes if my life depended on it-  I’m just lucky and have the money when there are some people that don’t. Regardless, I’m in love with their flexi ties and picked one out, teaming it with a tweed unisex jacket I grabbed for less than 250. I was set.

Intrigue Co. has some new shirts. Newly textured with some kickass designs. I love that store, as our readers are aware, and I’d blog their creations until the end of the earth. Like I said, I’m cutting back on buying things, and though at 25L/piece, I could pick up 10 of them for 250, I snatched the few I liked best. I’ll probably find myself going back there soon, though. The Indie texture whore in me is pretty satisfied. Here we go.


Style card and Intrigue shirts under the cut!


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I’m so vain, I know this blog is about me.

Real life is standing in the way of me sleeping right now, when I was actually, eventually, going to. I also belatedly realised I’ve blogged this top before, but since it’s one of my favourite tanks in all aspects, there’s no real harm in doing it again. I don’t know how today (or, to be technical, yesterday) was swallowed so fast, but I wish for a second that the world would slow down and give me a little more time to breathe, in all realms of life. Anyone? Bueller? Cutting back to yesterday, since I’m writing the blog today that I thought I was going to be writing tomorrow, though today (once again) technically is both tomorrow and yesterday, if you look at it from different angles, I wore the same outfit from waking up to going to bed to… waking up again, permitting the slight change in accessories. The sum of these parts?

I have no AnyLife.


Hair- * Zero Style * Euphoria *(Dark Chocolate)
Duct tape- [kiLiebe] ducttape face
Top- Schadenfreude White Noir Skelebeater, women’s
Gloves- [Sassy Kitty Designs] Faded Skull Leather Gloves
Pants- !ZB: Cali Jeans
Shoes- Action Black Chex – Skate Shoes
Boxers- BALACLAVA!! undiebox bull’s eye/BLACK

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London Chic but not.

Rough day, can’t explain it. I thought I’d do a little blogging before I went out and did my thing for the last time (until Monday!) My life is a joke, it really is. Luckily, with this 99L sale on old vendors at SySy’s Designs, I was able to buy a new outfit at a reasonable price, and have my SL mean a little more than my RL. So, yeah, short blog today, but I ran over there at first light (past noon) and had a little gander, hoping there’d be something for me there, and there was. I love this suit, and it looks great on me. I layered it over one of my favourite tanks to give it, I don’t know, that “Shane-edge”? Threw on some boots and the new hair I bought yesterday, and I guess that’s pretty much it

What was that you asked? My ‘song of the day if two hours can make a day’? An old faithful that hasn’t done me a whole lot of wrong since I first heard it a thousand years ago; Tegan and Sara’s This Is Everything. Most specifically the one from Live at the Phoenix. Powerful, beautiful, real. Speaking of music, though, I need some songs to learn that everybody knows so my setlist isn’t a bunch of “uh what?” Any suggestions, drop them to me at Shane Kirshner in world and I’d be grateful.



Hair- FNKY! & Cake – Rumor – Coffee
Glasses- *[SpeXx] Omar Rodriguez Specs
Nails- [Detour] Nails – Satin – Arsenic
Jewelry- =IZUMIYA= Daichi Pendant
Suit- SySy’s Designs London suit – darkgrey (sale!!!!)
Boots- (ST) Flare Oxfords
Tank- Schadenfreude White Noir Skelebeater

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