My fall look.

I’m battling a cold. It must be fall! I got these shoes from this week’s 50L from Reek and I thought, these would be a good staple to build an outfit around. This is what I came up with. Happy Monday.


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Elikapeka Tiramisu is back!

Remember ETD? I know I do. I loved the hair and I still wear a few wigs from there still. (Felicity is one of my favorite hairs of all time.) I was estastic to open my plurk and see that Elikapeka Tiramisu, formerly of ETD, is now starting fresh and has created two new hairs from the new [elikatira] brand. There isn’t a store yet, but if you click here you can go to her SL Market. There are only two hairs, but on the website you can see the different colors she offers as well as try on the demo. The hairs I am wearing are called Fresh and Rumor. I’m so excited! Welcome back Elikapeka!


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Today is a good day.

Today is a good day. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why! For the past year and a half I’ve been switching from viewer to viewer because my snapshots would never save to my computer. It was driving me insane!! Finally I found out it was something I had installed on my computer that somehow goes against SL things and it needed to go. After I deleted it, I’ve been able to take snapshots to disks on any viewer, not just limited to one. This is a good thing for me.

I wanted to blog this outfit, but after SL was shut down and out for all of those hours, I forgot all about it. This is just a post I threw together to show off all of the new things you can get. I love the ears, by the way. I’m going to include all of the SLURL links for you. Have a good day.


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I’m so bad at titles.

I hate coming up with titles. I never know what to say. I’m about as bad as titles as I am with coming up with names for my pictures. Anyway, FriDay has released new things such as new hair, comfy cardis, and low rise jeans. The goal of today was to show you ALL of the good things from the good people at Fri.Day, but when I start piecing outfits together it gets pretty hard to part with them. That’s the downside of blogging sometimes. You come up with cute outfits only to dismantle and blog again. So I promised myself I’ll do another blog post probably tomorrow about Fri.Day’s items or you know if I stay up long enough tonight I’ll motivate myself. Not only am I wearing new hair and a cardigan from Fri.Day, I’m wearing a couple of new things that you can get on the grid. Such as my face piercings from – .HoD.-. I have time to kill so I’m going to link everything to SURLS! First time for everything, right?

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Look of the day.

I have so many skins to choose from that from now on I’m going to try to rotate them a little. Poor Shane. She has her signature skin and her girlfriend changes her appearance like most change their underwear. The hair is from Truth. I stopped wearing Truth for a while, but his latest creations are awesome. I am in love with Sage. So much that while typing this I realize I also need it in blonde. The shirt has been sitting in my inventory’s “Piecing” folder for weeks now. I found an old skirt from Kyoot that I thought would look better than pants. The textures from the Kyoot skirt and Tres Blah shirt fit perfect enough to go together. The tights are a freebee from Tee*Fy, and I swear the tights from there are adorable. I’ll probably wear tights from their for the next few days. Now I need to buy skirts/shorts. The boots well, since I found them I can’t take them off. Hope you enjoy the look!


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