Simple outfits are always the best for me.


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New fall/winter items from Modd.G.


I have to say this. I love the way moddishh GossipGirl create her clothes. She has released a few key pieces for the winter in colors that remind me of bubble gum for some reason. It’s good thing, plus they come on different layers which is good. I put a few outfits together to show how you can wear the different styles, but ultimately I’m showcasing her new items that are for sale at her store. I even included the different skins I’m wearing. A first for me.


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Lelutka’s Fall/Winter Line 2009.

Lelutka, in my opinion, has always had exceptional clothes that led the way in SL Fashion, and their new fall/winter line isn’t any exception. Shane and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to show off the new male and female line and decided to keep it simple with a white background to allow you to see how intricate and magnificent the textures are. Shane is going to be showcasing the male line to show you that even women can wear some things there with just a few editing of the prims. In my personal opinion, the Lelutka team of designers are getting better with each release they come out with. Though it was just a couple of outfits and shoes, I hope that this isn’t it from them for the winter and we can expect something for at least Christmas.



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Monday, September 28, 2009.

Something simple and easy to put on. I should challenge myself more and try to mix and match up more things. There’s always tomorrow.


Hair: Neva.2
Skirts: !Nayar – Destroyed Denim Mini Skirt
Tank: Emery – Tank Choose Life
Jacket: AoHaru – Roll Up Riders With Shirt
Boots: J’s Long Boots

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Hair: Shag – French Kiss
Leggings: M * A * ii * K * I Long Legging Black
Boots: J’s Ankle Boots
Necklace: The Body Politik – Twisted Cultured Pearl Necklace (Not released yet. The pearls change color when you click them.
Dress: Burt Laundry Check Red Set

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Day Seven: Polina Kaestner’s sale.

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. I’m bummed out already. You know how it is when RL kicks your butt from here to the other side of the country. Anyway, Polina Kaestner has rebuild her store and has added all of her creations in it. As a result, she’s keeping a sale going on for everything inside. Prices of her clothing range from 20L to 250L so click the tp, and get here as fast as you can! Also this concludes Shane and I’s every day blogging spree, but this was so much fun that I may challenge her to do it another week!


Hair: Exile – Voodoo
Wedges: J’s Real Toe BackBelt Wedge
Legggings: !Ohmai: Basic Sheer Leggings
Dress: (P-K) Mariniere striped dress/top


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