Hyper Culture’s Black Lace Collection.

Christensia Parkin of Hyper Culture dropped a review package off of her two new dresses from the Black Lace Collection. They’re called Signora and Signora 2 respectively. The only difference in the two is the collar.


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Lady in red…she’s dancing with meeee.

I’m in one of my “clean up inventory” moods and I’m finding some good things. For the next couple of days I think I’ll just post pictures with the credits. I hope you all don’t mind my laziness!

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Get ready for Spring with Fri.Day and SLink.

Greetings! I think I have Internet ADD or something because this took forever to get up. First off, Fri.Day has released these adorable Paradiso.Rompers for the Spring. The romper comes with three neutral colors (Black, Brown, Silver) of the Cinch.Belt. There are also small, medium, and large sizes because even in SL we’re not all built the same. If you want a different color belt such as I put the red belt with the yellow romper, the other colors are just 80L. Also released today are the Tiger Heels from sLink. At first I was “Lol @ Tiger” but then I saw the design and the more I looked, the more I wanted them. I know how much Stiletto Moody shoes are and though Maitreya shoes are considerably less, they’re still over 1K. So even though I’m on a budget, I prepared myself for the price. What was shocking was the fact these Tiger shoes are under 700L. Immediately I had to get it, and I’ll probably be back for another color. They’re easy to fit and color, but I kind of cheated I guess. My color (or near it) was there. They’re still not quite matching my skin so I’ll play with it tonight. There are also four new hairs from Fri.Day that I’m wearing in black. Hope you all enjoy Sunday!


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Modd G’s has new stuff for you.

I’ve been taking my time lately with the blogs coming out. I realize I get very lazy during the week. The weekend is a time for me to relax and get out a blog or two to keep up with the fashions of SL. It’s always changing. Modd.G has released three new items; two shirts and one dress. Their names are: Chiffon Tier Blouse, Tiger Printed Puff Top, and Mini Lace Dress. For the Chiffon Tier Blouse, I paired it with a white shirt and I’m ready for Spring. The Tiger Print Puff top will look good with a skirt and a high heel or jeans. The dress is best if you only wear one top layer. The skin is an old favorite, Curio. The new releases are for the Existence Lantern Festival, after that it goes back to the stores on the 28th of February.

But wait, there’s more! Modd.G is also a participant for the Stumblebum Brigade. For the following week you’ll be able to buy the Cawww Top and the Seashorts. I was fiddling with my inventory and I saw skin from Amacci and I had to giggle. Shane was walking around with the Felicia skin on and was SO UPSET at how it didn’t look right on her shape. I tried it on and fell in love with it. Thanks Shane for complaining!

Be sure when you make your rounds to stop by Modd.G and Amacci.

Other things worn:
Poses: Izumiya, LAP
Skins: Curio – Acorn Vixen (Mink), Amacci ~ Felicia Skin (Fresh) – 15 Soft
Hair: SLink – Lorelei / Detour – Bob III / Lamb – Witch /
Shoes: N-Core – Stylus Platform Xstreme Heel / Shiny Things – Saturday Flats (white) / [Gos] DARE Bootie – Black
Clothes: Artilleri – Carla Circle Skirt *White* / Luck Inc – Mini High Waisted Skirt Pinstripe Burnt Umber /
Tattoo: Aishiteru tat by Kalia Meiklejohn
Piercings: – .HoD. – Knock Out – Womens – Graphite – Shadowed – (chin) /

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Baby you’re much too fast.

Last week Urbanity released some jeans that were dangerously low cut and it showed off my butt. I loved the front of the “drop that pants,” but the back made me blush a little. I guess I am SL conservative! Instead of sticking the pants to the back of my closet for another day, I found something that will go great with them, the Corsage dress, also from Urbanity. The dress comes in five colors and they match the pants perfectly and cover your bits up while maintaining the sexy sleek look. The hair is a new release from Surf Co hair called Maranna and it comes in assorted variety bangs: fringe, long shag, none, part, and retro. You’ll see more of the hair in other posts here, I’m sure of it. The shoes were a 50L item from SLink.


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Hipster what?

One of Shag’s new hairs, “Under My Thumb” gave me a hipster vibe so strong that when League handed on over their gift (I think) of the striped gloves and skirt, I knew I had to POT something the youngins would wear at a Bravery concert. I like it!

(I’m not staying in this all day, though.)


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New Items at Lelutka.

When Azufr3 Catteneo of LeLutka passed me the new items at Lelutka, my jaw dropped. I thought he only made clothes for males and therefore I was kind of shocked to see that he was passing me something. He’s coming out with an assortment of coats, which is probably one of my favorite accessory to have in SL. What I like most about the coats is that like all coats in Letluka, it comes with an AO that’s specifically used for wearing the coat. I really like that. Not only did he create new coats, but there are also pants and a corset. I didn’t want to make this entry too picture oriented so I decided to leave the corset and pants out, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to use the items for another post. I matched a lot of old items with the new jackets.

I decided to get out of the four walls of my skybox and take my pictures on a sim. Shane and I have been doing a lot of exploring and there are some great sims out there that are perfect for picture taking! If only I can stop crashing and if only I can figure out why my shadows are all over the place when I click “basic shaders.” I suppose it all means I need a new graphics card, but this computer is just a year and a couple months old. Oh well. Hope you enjoy the scenery. Chances are I’ll be behind a white wall next time. Maybe. I did have fun doing this!


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New fall/winter items from Modd.G.


I have to say this. I love the way moddishh GossipGirl create her clothes. She has released a few key pieces for the winter in colors that remind me of bubble gum for some reason. It’s good thing, plus they come on different layers which is good. I put a few outfits together to show how you can wear the different styles, but ultimately I’m showcasing her new items that are for sale at her store. I even included the different skins I’m wearing. A first for me.


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Beat the Monday Blues.


If you’re like me, you need some incentive to get out of bed to start the week. Adam and Eve provides that with their lovely exclusive Portia skin they’re offering for only 100L! And it’s only for today!! Stop by the store and get it now!


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Grease is the word, almost – Pt. 1

Today brought a randomised rock star look to the table, and in passing, Clear said something about us doing a shoot/blog; the lesbian version of Sandy and Danny, so that’s what we did. Basically, it’ll be a two part post depicting the beginning and end of the movie (or near enough to). Part 1 will be the beginning of the movie; guy(girl) and girl meet on a beach on summer vacation, have an allegedly intense, few-day-long love affair, kiss and then… I SOLVE MY PROBLEMS AND I SEE THE LIGHT. Part 2, on the other hand, will be the sexy little role reversal towards the end of the film, where Sandy reemerges as a slutty whore and completely wins the affections of Danny. Grease, as you can tell, is a story of such deep morals. No, I’m kidding, but it is one of the greatest musicals of our time. Fuck “West Side Story” – though I do feel pretty, witty or gay at least once a day – Grease is one of the best, and it gets no better than John Travolta and Cha Cha; the best dancer at St. Bernadette’s.

So here it goes:

On Clear

Sandals- SLink Eve Summer Sandals White
Hair – TRUTH Charlotte >light blondes<
Dress- [SC] Surf Couture – Colleen
Sweater – [SC] Surf Couture – Floral Cab Sweater – Gray
Dress – [SC] Surf Couture – Colleen – Dusty Rose

On Shane

Hair- TRUTH Damien – espresso
Belt- /artilleri/ pyramid stud belt
Glasses- Gritty Kitty: Pa-Zazz! Glasses
Earring- DM Peace on Earth Earring – Silver
Hairpin- Somethin’ In Your Mouth– hairpin
Tattoes- .:A&M:. Skull&Wings – Unisex Tattoo (group gift) + Miu’ 69 shirt & loose tattoo (freebie)
Pants- Mimikri – Pants/Zoe black
Bracelet- ::J-S::Bracelet RB Black
Boots- SiniStyle Combat Boots – Black

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