Things you should see.

Hiii these are the things that have been sitting in my “to blog” folder forever, but I just haven’t had the time. I’m going to take an hour and see how many things I can shell out.


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I enjoy a lot of things in life. Music, certain company, lunch, and clothes on SL that I would wear in RL if I owned them there. This is the s*&% right here, ladies and gentlemen. No dresses and beautiful make up; just things that are completely, and fully Shane.

I want every piece of this outfit. From Action’s new shirt, to the Cheer No hair I caught on another blog, in a post I loved so much, the accessories of which I’m going to go to the store and raid for some more. All of it, so lets take a look eh?

Hair- CheerNo
Fork- Awesome Blossom (Zombie Popcorn Hunt!)
Scarf- Mr Poet – FREE
Necklace- Hep C
Bracelets- *JD*DESIGN
Shoes- Meriken Co.

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Poses II, Bella Di Notte, Pulling Strings, and Surf Co.

About a week or so ago Elle Kirshner of Pulling Strings dropped a copy of her lastest build. This is called “Window To Your Soul” and it’s a window prop with five built in poses. The window is mod and you can change it to whatever you’d like. Since I’m slow at that, I left it as is. I do apologize for the inner window wall. It wouldn’t rez for me, no matter what. I’ll pretend I modded it to a grey color. Also there are new skins from a place called Bella Di Notte. I’m wearing the Lillie skin in light. Lillie comes in dark brows and light brows. I love the softness of the face. The nose isn’t overly shadowy, and the corners of the lips are love for me. The brows aren’t overly plucked. Definitely a skin worth trying.

The dress is a new item from Surf Co. We all know my love for Surf Co. I wish I could wear this dress in real life. I love the sculpties on this and the overall detail put in the shoes. Surf Co. is definitely one of my favorite stores. I could stay in this dress all day. I figured I’ll load you up with new content to make up for the fact my graphics card gave out with this window. I’m also showing off the poses in the window as well. They’ll be credits after the cut! Plus a sneak peak look at Amacci’s Pose Set 7 which will be available at the Pose Fair!! Hope you like.

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Christian SK!N from AtomicBambi

AtomicSparkle has released a new skin, but it’s for the males. So since neither Shane or I will look good in this skin, I recruited my brother, Seattle Barbasoa, to show off this skin. I told him to get the skin, but to my pleasant surprise he already had it. The Christian skin comes in three skin tones and with hair base, body hair, and freckles options, there are 8 skins in each pack – and great value at 975L per pack!

SPECIAL WEEKEND PRICE: The Christian SKIN ‘Atomic Packs’ have 80 skins in them, and for this weekend only, are marked down to 2999L (they go to the usual price of 3999L on Monday) I’m always impressed with her skins.


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MUA by Djinn & Tonic

Babyhoney Bailey has been designing things since she started SL over two years ago. She’s gone from building to creating clothes and now she’s creating skins. She was awesome enough to drop me a blogger’s pack of her new skins and let me tell you, they’re so many skins at her store that it’s really hard do an entire post to cover it. I’d be here forever and you’d be reading forever!

Let me tell you about the skins she has been working on. I hope I get all of this right. There are three skin tones. There are also four (brown, red, black, blonde) brow options. There are also 100 make up options for each brow, plus a freckled version and a shaved version which is good for when you want to wear low cut jeans. Each brow option has 10 eye shadows. You also have five choices for lip gloss to go with the eye shadow. You get twenty optional skins in one pack and one pack costs $1500L. Let me run that again. If you get a skin in a pale tone with blonde eyebrows and the eyeshadow is green. You’ll get five lip colors to go with the bare, freckled, shaved, shaved and freckled option. Twenty skins. Yeah that’s about right. All of that for 1500L?

I took a couple of pictures to show you some of the make up options you can get with the Mua skin by Babyhoney, but ultimately you should go to the store and try on a demo yourself.


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[S.Loves] new things from Artilleri at Winterstock


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Find Ash has free gifts and Shane has them!

With only 15 minutes to go before Most Haunted Live, I just say scraped this entry in on time. (I’ve been procrastinating all day by walking around the grid in a nun costume, talking about being on day release from St. Bernadette’s.) Anyway, I saw this advertised on a blog this morning, so I ran down to check them out myself, and came home 4 hairs and a necklace richer. Rock the fuck on, right? Right, exactly. Nothing to talk about today. Being holy can wear one down.

Find Ash 1 (more…)

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10L Halloween Dress on XStreet

So I was scouring XStreet when I found a real gem. I like the fact that XStreet highlights items and there are some that are ridiculously marked down to a very affordable price. I found an awesome halloween dress for only 10L and thought I’d show it with you.


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Lots of things today.

I haven’t been feeling good lately. I lost my mojo a little bit so everything I’ve had in my inventory that’s new has been festering and waiting for the perfect day to come out. Today was that day. There are so many good releases that’s out on the grid that goes with the old things in my inventory that it was a blast to put outfits together (or POTing as Shane likes to call it) and bring you some new interesting looks. But before I get into anything, I want to announce that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE NAIVE GIRL CONTEST. SEE HERE FOR DETAILS. That’s how you kill two birds with one stone. I hope you guys will enjoy the looks myself, Shane, and our friend Sephia Ellison has put together for you today, and if you’d like to exchange blog links with us, just comment! We love to see your work too!



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Obscene has reopened with new skin and gifts.

Yesterday one of my favorite skin stores, [the.oBscene] reopened their doors to a new line of skin. There are soooo many demos I need to get through before picking a final skin, but there is a gift right on the table that has eight wonderful skins that are all free!


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