Action Womens Boardwalk Tee- Seafoam and Action Mens Slouchy V-Neck – Rose both $60L at Action until midnight tonight!! Go down and grab them.

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Shane’s RL V-Day.

What else is there to do when physically alone but lounge around your house in your underwear? St Valentine is everywhere. He’s on the radio, he’s on TV, and when yours is too far away to fathom, company is found in books (read as: video games, but I wanted to seem intellectual) and Mad Men Season 1 with your mother. Ha. Anyway, though our SL house is much better than my RL one, I tried to replicate today in picture form for fun.


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Look of the Dayyyyy.


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Zoobong & Riano Ink.

I did the first MHOH in July, or something, and there were a few things from Zoobong that I liked and still wear to this day. Well, it never occurred to me to go back to the shop to look until recently when I was wearing the polo shirt I got in it. I loved the look/feel, and I then made a mental note to go shopping. Of course, I couldn’t buy just one thing and ended up coming away with a couple, crossing over to Riano right after to pick up this kick ass t-shirt that I find a lot of fun. I also, yesterday, splashed out on more Epoque hair. Why I chose now to splash out is beyond me, but hey, if you like live music in SL and you’re bored, at 5pm tonight my band and I will be playing our first ever gig at TwoKats Coffee House. /shameless plug. SO, onto style cards.


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Look of the Day: Saturday

Skin: Djinn & Tonic – Mua: Broom Brunette 02
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Christmas Fairy Eyes (Freebee)
Hair: !Lamb – Bang Bang (Ink)
Tights: Twosome – Cozy Tights Pack (Grey) Old Group Gift
Cardigan: *KUROTSUBAKI* simple knit cardigan (red)
Shirt: House of Hucci – Razor Tank (Honey)
Skirt: House of Hucci – Tweed Skirt (Honey)
Boots: Stellar – Kenai Boots (Charcoal)
Beanie: Epoque – Baggy Knit Hat (50L Friday gift)

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Black Friday

Did you see the list of kick-ass stores? I did. I went to all of them too, after an early night and a sleep that was so long, I almost forgot what day it was. I spent $200L, but not because there weren’t a lot of options. There’s something for everyone. From reindeers to mistletoe to dresses-n-shiz. I’m pretty sure, though, that if you’re reading this, you’ve either:

  • stayed up until midnight to get your 50L run out of the way.
  • have logged in already and are loading the note card to hop to the stores you want to go to.
  • checked the feeds for picture snapshots of everything, and then pick and choose where you want to go, so you miss out on nothing.
  • bypassed today for later, because bitch, RL discounts > all else.

I wish we had Black Friday, ho-hum.

My favourite thing this week was definitely the sweater and shirt combo by Doppelganger Inc. (it comes in three colours!), so I posed with it. Huzzah. My new pet reindeer from Scribble made a cameo though, he couldn’t not; all boweth down in the name of Cohen.


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Skipping Stones Hunt

Shane, along with a group of friends, and I decided to do the Skipping Stones Hunt. Holy nuts, I didn’t know there were 61 good stores to go to. We started at about 5PM SLT and didn’t get done until 9PM! Good going designers! It was lots of fun and I can’t wait for the next hunt. These are the free things I picked up.


Glasses: (epoque) Double-Bridge Logo Frames
Shirt: [Miseria] Stars in a Tube
Shorts: [Miseria] Button Shorts


Shirt: Surf Couture – I’m A Little Bit Country (with Chewing Wheat for the mouth and Straw Cowboy hat!)


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