Look of the Day: Sunday

I’m still sporting Exile’s new hair called Monica. I can’t take it off. I finally also succumb to the new skin from Lelutka. Emery has always been a store I love to shop in and after I figured out where the new stuff was, I went nuts. The most surprising thing I bought were shoes from G Field. These slingback shoes come in an assortment of colors and cost a fraction less than what shoes are going these days. I have to go back and get some more.

Skirt: So Many Styles – Flower Highwast Skirt Red-Grey
Shirt: Whippet and BUck – I’ll Be a Ghost Shirt (50L Black Friday)
Jacket: Emery – Orchid Club Fucsia
Shoes: G Field – Ribbon Slingback Shoes -strawberry-

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Look of the Day: Saturday(2)

Shane and I are finally decorating our skybox we bought weeks ago with wintery things. I chopped down a tree for her, further proving I’m the butch in the relationship.

On Clear:

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Rockstar
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Cachet – Gaga
Earmuffs & Scarf: Artilleri – Knit Earmuffs & Taylor Scarf (Old 50L Friday gift)
Leggings: Luck Inc – Wool Panty Red Stripes
Jumpsuit & Shirt: BeetleBones – Candycane and Gumdrops Dress in Santa’s Helper (Weekend gift out now for 50L)
Boots: Beetlebones – Snuggies Low Boots in Green (Weekend gift out now for 50L)
Hair: Exile – Monica (champagne)
Eyes: Poetic Color – Christmas Fairy Eyes (Freebee)

On Shane:

Hair: [-B-] Stan / +Cocoa+
Scarf: “anuenue.mufbon(black)
Undershirt: Action Womens Long Sleeve Tee – Striped Black (Tucked Upper)
Shirt: Emery – Tee Laparka
Pants: -Phoenix Rising- Michael Jeans [Black]
Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Ears[Tunnels]
Boots: ANEXX_LaceupBoots_Black/Female
Holly: Somethin’ In Your Mouth-Deck the Halls

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

XMas Gliteratti(1)

There are exactly 50 days left until Christmas. Can you believe the year is almost up? I can’t. Personally I’m not a fan of Christmas shopping, but I love Christmas “Give me Presents now” time. I know that’s selfish but blame it on being an only child. I can’t wait until I get my first pay check in November so I can start buying giftcards (and only giftcards) for my family and friends. Gliteratti is already getting ready for the season by releasing a few goodies for Christmas. The Christmas Market sim is literally days away or it’s probably up right now because I’m kinda of slow when remembering things and the sweet Katey Coppola has released these amazing presents you can sit on for your Christmas pictures/cards as well as a brand new pose set Shane and I are modeling in the first picture. Also there’s a HUGE SALE going on at Gliteratti where most of her pose sets are for 100L. Plus her couples/group poses are 100L and her fatpacks are 50 percent off. Word on the SL street is that there’s a contest coming up and considering the last contest she had she gave over 100,000L in linden and prizes, this is going to be amazing.

Because we love Katey’s stuff and her poses cater our bodies almost perfectly (we’re little women!) We decided to put on some winter clothes, forget fall momentarily and head for winter. We’re not showcasing the clothes. It’s all about the Xmas-y poses that’s going to be coming to Gliteratti in the next few days. Shane is posing with the male gift box that has 5 poses that all you do is sit on and use the menu to shuffle through the poses, and I’m using the female version.

Xmas Gliteratti(2)


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Monday, September 28, 2009.

Something simple and easy to put on. I should challenge myself more and try to mix and match up more things. There’s always tomorrow.


Hair: fri.day Neva.2
Skirts: !Nayar – Destroyed Denim Mini Skirt
Tank: Emery – Tank Choose Life
Jacket: AoHaru – Roll Up Riders With Shirt
Boots: J’s Long Boots

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Day 4: I love Shagging.

I’m going to be honest with this; I usually hate male hair. It’s very rare I like the textures and look of it enough to buy, and most of the time (I won’t name names) they’re so bad at resizing that they end up looking like blocks on your head and you end up cringing every time you see them in your inventory, confused and sad over why you ever wasted money on them. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl and if my head was size 70 I’d look like a bobblehead, who knows. Either way, last week, we were roaming around some stores and Clear found a new hair store – SHAG. Well, I was in love with the title. It took me back to being 11 years old and obsessed with a comedy show we had over here called Game On.

The main character, Matt, was my idol. A foul mouthed, agoraphobic prick of a human being who spend his time roaming around the house dressed up as Robert De Niro and Rambo, then going on to mock his two room mates who had full time jobs, every time they came back. His vocabulary consisted of darling phrases like “jism-monkeys”, “twat” and a most eccentric, “shhhhhhhhh-agging.” It was around this time that Friends started to get popular. Jennifer Aniston’s hair becoming one of those things every adult woman wanted. It’d be in the magazines: How To Get Jennifer Aniston’s Shag Cut. This amused my infantile mind. SHAG was not hair! Well, now Shag is hair, and some damn fine hair at that. I love the textures and I didn’t have to resize any of them to fit me. I did a little head adjusting but, I mean, I do that no matter what hair I’m in.

Here are a few of the male/unisex cuts in the store:


This is BLOWN. I like it. Very often curly hair in Second Life looks odd. Not this one. I’d wear it over and over again, I could POT around it. It’s not blocky, it’s not oversized. I don’t know about the lighter colours, since I prefer to wear dark but I’ve chosen hazel for all of my samples and it’s killer.


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Day 2.

Surviving on 3 hours of sleep, a nightmare and a mysterious (I hope) 24 hour bug, blogging should be the last thing on my mind. It’s not. We made a pact, etc etc etc. Right now I’m sitting in my RL computer chair in shorts and a Guns N Roses t-shirt, half wanting to pass out, a quarter wanting to write what’s going on in my head and the final share left to keeping an eye on the time as in 8 hours or so, I’ll be playing at Azriel’s.

Clear and I have a little saying; it goes like this, “let me just piece an outfit together.” I’m trying to trademark that, along with the possible title, POT (meaning, well, you can figure it out.) Clever, clever. Since it was my turn, and I raided Gritty Kitty yesterday, since I never can choose just one hair in there, and pretty much POTed my way around that. Here’s what I came up with.



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Hookah, you aineva gon git dis shyt.

I haven’t blogged for a while because, truthfully, I haven’t seen anything I liked enough to buy. Plus, I’m trying to save up my Lindens to cash out in real money so I can do shit. I mean, I probably spent 5L in the last two days and that was on a sculpted guitar chair for the skybox we have, which we’ll be blogging sometime soon. Every night – or couple of nights – Clear will collect a few links from around the grid we can explore for things that might be of interest to either of us. They’re usually to her and I get close to buying them, but end up talking myself out of it because my willpower is actually growing the more I play this goddamn game. Tonight we ended up going to a  store where I liked a lot of things. I broke into my piggy bank (not the pig from True Blood; called it, by the way) and bought a jacket, pants and a sweater. I might even go back for the shirt I saw there. Maybe even tonight, if I can be bothered to double click the LM. modd.g is the store and these pictures right here are what I fell in love with. Primarily the sweater, then the pants; the jacket was the bonus on top of the tree. Nicely textured, nicely designed, unique, very much something I would wear IRL. So let’s check it out, eh?


Hair- Kin-Mairi-[Black.blonde]
Belt- =IZUMIYA=Hip-Bag/Messy Black
Bandana- Emery – Bandana Neck #Black
Pants- modd.g KANJI Checkered Slacks
Jacket- modd.g KANJI Cropped Jacket {Black}
Sweater- modd.g KANJI Top Hat Skull Sweater {Black}
Sneakers- NyC: Neko SNEAKERS – SKA

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Some like it hot, just not when they’re sweating.

I also haven’t blogged in a while. (Or have I?) I’ve been wearing a lot of things lately, so I could’ve blogged 8x more than I have, which would make me feel bad if I didn’t have such a backlog of movies to watch that I’m having trouble mustering up the energy to get through. But hey, there’s only one way to go and that’s Up. As you guys saw, from yesterday, I temporarily wore a brand new, lush shape. Clear made it herself, and through her talent, mixed with Nic’s fabulous skin skills, I went from Miss Vida Boheme to Britney Spears in seconds. Although I told her to say it was a Random Chick Model that just “happened” to stop by our skybox in hopes of being photographed, but what’s Second Life if you can’t change yourself at the drop of a hat? If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, go read it and check out, it makes a lot more sense than this paragraph of misused punctuation and endless rambling.

Without further ado:

Hair- [LeLutka]-TYLER Hair Natural Brown
Eyes- Poetic Colors: bright – foggy morning
Jeans- Emery – Denim Black
Sneakers- UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Tank- Emery – Tank Men #Pure
Belt- -END- fret belt part deux

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Lots of new things goodness.

Today while hanging out doing my own thing my SL sister, Noelle Parisi, TPed me in to check out a store run by one of our friends, Mac Heron and Papa Bing. The store is called Brutalitees.

Shane T-Shirts

The store sales male t-shirts, but the shadows on them aren’t so bad that a girl can also wear them in my opinion. They’ve just recently opened and soon they’re going to add a line of t-shirts for females. The shirts are only 69L. That’s relatively cheap for the quality of the shirt they produce, and they’re going to do custom shirts: 150L for a custom with normal perms copy mod and 300L for custom with full perm. That’s really cheap! So stop by their store and look at all of the awesome graphic t-shirts they have up.

Here’s your limo: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Salchicha%20Harbor/90/97/22

A lot of cool stores that I admire released a lot of good things this week and managed to drain my lindens. These are the things I bought over the week. I thought I’d share it with you and give you guys some ideas on what to get during your next shopping trip.


Hair: Maitreya – Zoe
Dress: .:Naive:. Zoe Blue
Shoes: (fashionably dead) Jellies (Sky)


Hair: !lamb. Breeze – Ink
outfit: Emery – Loop Suit #Lidil
Shoes: Stilletto Moody – Silver Stud Pumps (Gold)


Hair: >TRUTH< Vesper – night
Shirt: Artilleri – Gran Caneria
Shorts:Artilleri – Johanna highwaist shorts *med blue*



Hair: Maitreya – Milla (two option hairs with this)
Dress: LeLutka – TALLYS dress/orange
Shoes: LeLutka – TEESE shoes/ sienna

LeLutka released a lot of new things for the summer. Expect a full post on it later! Happy shopping.

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