Things You Should Know About Plastik.

I’m going on a road trip!
It’s going to be around the 5th of next month.
I’m going to travel around and see a ton of things, including the San diego zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas and stuff. I’m really, really excited. but the gas is hella expensive right now so i figured i’d make a fun sale out of it and to try out the new patterns ive been working on.

There are two of almost everything in my store, ——–(79 items total)———, in a special edition pattern or color. There will be skins as soon as i finish the ads, too! ❤

The sale will be going on for a couple weeks, i know some people dont get wind of these things till it's too late and i always try to make sure everyone gets to come and take a peek. <3.

-Kea Rieko; The Plastik.


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The Dressing Room – Tuli Skin.

Every 2 weeks the collection is refreshed, so be sure to get an item while it’s there, because I will not give them out afterwards! This week Tuli is offering this skin I’m showcasing for TDR called Helena. I assume this is the only color and make up tone it comes in and it’s for 65L. You can read more about the special offers here and click here for a TP to The Dressing Room.

The outfit I’m wearing is a new mix and match series from ElyMode. The Estrela pieces are a short skirt, a suspender shirt, and an under bust corset for different mixing and matching. You’ll have fun with this one and be less boring with it than me I hope. ❤

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Simple outfits are always the best for me.


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Getting ready for the summer with Atomicbambi and Nayar.

Summer is almost here which means it’s time for beach weather. Kaz Nayar of Nayar is getting us prepared with his new release called Katey-Kini. Katey-Kini comes on a jacket, shirt, underwear, undershirt, and pants layer and includes a bow to fit on the back.

AtomicSparkle Skytower of Atomic Bambi is my new favorite skin maker. There I said it! Ok, she’s one of them haha. She keeps progressing and she keeps getting better at her skins. ( I can’t wait for one to be called Clear with heavy and outrageous eye make up. ) She has a new skin out called Sabrina. Sabrina comes with red, light, and dark eyebrows as well as freckles and an optional skin for cleavage. I believe this is the first skin that comes with the cleavage. I remember she had cleavage enhancers, but not the actual skin yet. It reminds me a lot of the Apple face, but I love the shading on this one. I’m wearing the sunblush tone and while I show off most of the Katey-Kinis, I’m also showing off different options for the Sabrina skin. By the way: The old bikinis at Nayar are currently $75L and the fat pack is $299L for an undisclosed (short) period of time.
I hope you like!

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Fri.Day and Tuli’s Sayuri skin.

Forgive me for I have sinned. It’s been a while since I’ve knocked out a few blogs lately. I don’t know if it has to do with school or my general laziness, but I’ve just been blah. Do you forgive me? I hope so! I’ve got some new things to show you.

First off Tuli Asturias has done it again with her amazing skin collection. She has a new face debuting soon called Sayuri. It reminds you of a fresh young Asian face. It comes in several make ups, freckles, and of course a push up cleavage skin.

Fri.Day has released a gang of new things last week and I’ve been in such a blah! mood that this is my first time showing you what you can get there. I really like the jacket out of all of the new things there. Plus it has multiple attachment points which is a plus for when you’re piecing. The necklace is from my friend’s store, HepC. He’s working on a major comeback. You’ll see more things from him soon.

I made an effort to credit the poses I used in this post. I know it’s something I forget 70 percent of the time, and I do apologize. If you read this blog, from now on if you see a pose I’m using that you’ve created and I didn’t credit you, please comment me and I’ll give credit! I also tried a new way to put credits on the pictures, but for some reason it came out blurry. Grr, looks like I’m going back to the old way.


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Surf Couture – My VW Thing Sunglasses


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It’s Vicious Delicious

Another quick post: Urbanity is now making extreme heels with cute sock attachments. I personally can’t wait to see if there are going to be any without a sock attachment. Right now I’m wearing the Silver kind, but there are an assortment of solid colors plus striped heel. The outfits I’m wearing are from a new designer and her name is ViciousDelicious Mynx. She’s just starting out, but I see a lot of potential from her in the future.


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EmJay’s ready for the Summer!


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Short and Sweet

Short and sweet right now. I’m cleaning out my inventory and I’m finding all new sorts of things. So I hope you like. This is just a simple look. It reminds me of Mad Men for some reason. I think I finally got a skirt shape I like.


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Phoenix Rising Brace

I went to Cuba to take a couple of pictures of this new outfit from Phoenix Rising. The latest outfit is called Brace. Brace comes in seven outfits. The outfit I’m currently wearing is the ruby tone. The outfit is only costs L$350 each with a fatpack for L$1700. I feel like a little sexy Spanish woman in this. The hair is a new release from Simply Britnee Hair and it’s called Billy Jean and I don’t know if it’s a Michael Jackson, but I’ll pretend it is. I also finally buckled down and bought the new Saffron pumps from Lelutka. Everyone needs a nice pair of black heels, right? The accessories are from a review pack I got from :Fusion:. I’ll have to wear hair that’s not covering things to show you the earrings.


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