Still on Hiatus!

We’re still on what you call an unofficial hiatus break. There are a lot of things going on. For example I’m back in school at the moment (Accounting major, ugh) and I’m trying to get adjusted to these nine week blocks and Shane has lost all will to update. Just kidding, maybe she’ll get it back in the upcoming days. But today, today is a weird day. I’ve been out of the loop of SL for a few weeks now, but when I went through my folders I saw an assortment of things from stores so I’m going to try to blog it on my free time and force Shane to dress up with me.

The skin I’m wearing is from Plastik and it’s apart of the Elven Lionheart series. The color of choice I’m wearing is porcelain. What I like about this skin the most is the fact it comes with elf ears that already match the skin color!! Finally I don’t have to fiddle with it and worry about how it looks on other people’s windlight settings.

I also grabbed my girl to show off some new summer items that are floating around on the grid. It’s a quick blog post, but hey we’re still alive and kicking! I can’t believe Shane and I have been blogging for a year almost. That’s crazy.


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Lazy Sundays.

Greetings! It’s been a while since Shane and I got together to show off an outfit together. Timezones are our biggest enemy and it keeps us apart more than we care to admit. It sucks, but when you’re six hours apart from the one you want to be with you have to make due with the time given to you. Today we thought we’d get together and blog two outfits.

There are a lot of new things out on the grid. I don’t think Shane and I have had a chance to shop together, but maybe after I’m done with this, I can convince her to go on a shopping spree with me. Today’s blog shows new things from Tiny Bird, Urbanity, Maitreya, Action, and Insignia.

Also if you didn’t know, Shane is in a band! Her group, Dead Heathers, our back and ready to take over the SL grid by storm. If you’ve never heard of the band, check out their myspace page here. You can also find Shane’s page on it too. She’s a musician.

Anyway, here are the outfits we put together for our Sunday afternoon. I apologize for not getting the pose names written down. My internet has been acting up and I’ve been all over the place today. If you recognize your pose I used, please comment and I’ll credit you ASAP!

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Action Womens Boardwalk Tee- Seafoam and Action Mens Slouchy V-Neck – Rose both $60L at Action until midnight tonight!! Go down and grab them.

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ACTION new releases!

Alongside some killer new denim jackets, you should all go check out and buy, Action’s next ensemble packs have been released. One for the boys and one for the girls. We all know me, and we all know I’d try on the boys. Especially with the tie, tank top, ripped jeans, boots and cigarettes I carry around in my every day life. Except the cigarettes.

The men’s ensemble includes:

Action Mens Ribbed Tank – Bone
Action Mens Hair Matt – Jet
Action Cig Lighter & Pack – Grunge
Action Mini Cig – Grunge
Action UNISEX Rocker Band – Black
Action Unisex Denim Jeans – Torn 04
Action UNISEX Scuffer Boots – Moss
Head on down!!

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I enjoy a lot of things in life. Music, certain company, lunch, and clothes on SL that I would wear in RL if I owned them there. This is the s*&% right here, ladies and gentlemen. No dresses and beautiful make up; just things that are completely, and fully Shane.

I want every piece of this outfit. From Action’s new shirt, to the Cheer No hair I caught on another blog, in a post I loved so much, the accessories of which I’m going to go to the store and raid for some more. All of it, so lets take a look eh?

Hair- CheerNo
Fork- Awesome Blossom (Zombie Popcorn Hunt!)
Scarf- Mr Poet – FREE
Necklace- Hep C
Bracelets- *JD*DESIGN
Shoes- Meriken Co.

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*Action & Project Themeory – Geek Chic Sneak Peek!

OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. HOW COOL IS THIS? No, seriously. I’ve been walking around with it in my hand between music shows, because my avatar is vain, but also feels like an amateur photographer. I love it. This little polaroid camera comes with three kinds. One to rezz around your house, one to use to aim at others, and one to aim at yourself for SLbook or SLspace.

And until midnight tonight? You guys can pick this up for only $75L. It’ll be available after, too, but at such a cheap price, it’s worth heading down there to pick up before its gridwide release. Have I tempted you yet? I hope so.

ACTION Surf&Skate

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I’m not sure how I used to find time to check fashion blogs, last year, but I did. At one point, I was crazy obsessed with them, and one of the very first things I would do before going about my day, was to check what was on sale. Thank God I had Clear to support me, because I’ve no fucking idea how I ever would’ve lasted in this world without her – for more than money reasons – but she managed to stand by and hand me money whenever I saw something I wanted.

Nothing much has changed as far as my time goes; then why, Internet, do I find myself unable to do the same things as I did last year? I think I have issues with both attention and routine, which strays from my astrological roots a bit. (But who buys into those things anyway, I’ve allegedly been coming into money 5 times now, and it’s never happened.) I feel as though I became disillusioned with blogging; straying from how I originally started to do it and into fashion territory, which to be honest, I don’t know so much about – I still wear skinnies.

Inspiration hit me this week in the form of Tegan and Sara’s new LP, full of Alligator remixes, as well as Kaki King’s newest album, JUNIOR. And not only did this week’s releases from Action inspire me to Piece for the very first time in a long time, I wore a dress for good. And I love it. Surprising, isn’t it? But it’s cute, and I love the primwork. Not to mention, Johnn Balzibo might be one of my favourite jewelry makers on SL (right beside HOD) and he passed us some of his necklaces he made, which I might blog about singularly very soon. I can’t wait for his store, and one of us will most definitely link you to it as soon as possible!

For more of ACTION’s new releases, you can check their blog, and see what other amazing new things they have at their store!

Dress- Action Womens Fling Dress- Floral 03
Hair- Action Mens Hair Matt – Light Auburn
Necklace- Hep C – Chew on this ❤ mozard pink
Socks- Pig – Socks Mit Suspenders Black
Arms- fri. – Arm.Warmers – Gray

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I’ve been a bit of a distant, lazy c*nt for a while now, bloggers. I’d apologise but Clear has always owned every blog she’s ever done. I actually took some pictures today, so just wait! For now, it’s that time of the week and starting from MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, you can pop down to ACTION to get two exclusive releases for just $60L a pop. One for girls and one for unisex – huzzah!

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My (second) life is seriously made by this store. I know that sounds cheesy, but I enjoy every single new release. Wish, too, that I could own them IRL. Every Saturday, outside the store, you can pick up special offerings for 60L from midnight Friday through Saturday! Last week it was hair, this week footwear. Admittedly, I didn’t try on the women’s pumps, but I do like them. The male’s, well, I haven’t taken them off since I got them.

$60L, guys. Run down and get ’em.

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It’s that time again, it’s that place, it’s duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh–ACTION. In this week are new unisex jeans. Striped and Reverse Striped. Any budding rockstars, such as myself, might want to go and have a look at these. Each come in three different styles; loose, skinny and rolled. Love, love, love. There’s also men’s underwear, that I love wearing. They come in regular and sheer, but obviously, and thankfully, I’ve never put the sheer ones on to see what they mean! Still, they’re awesome, and I like how I pieced this outfit. Everything else under the cut..!


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