It’s Vicious Delicious

Another quick post: Urbanity is now making extreme heels with cute sock attachments. I personally can’t wait to see if there are going to be any without a sock attachment. Right now I’m wearing the Silver kind, but there are an assortment of solid colors plus striped heel. The outfits I’m wearing are from a new designer and her name is ViciousDelicious Mynx. She’s just starting out, but I see a lot of potential from her in the future.


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Suddenly Seymour…..

Do you remember the movie Little Shop Of Horrors? This is the original you tube ending where everybody dies. It’s kind of sad but it’s the only link I can find that refers to the picture up there. Do you remember when Audrey went to see Seymour at the shop, but found Audrey II and he tried to eat her in her wedding dress! I loved this movie as a kid, but it was kind of morbid now that I’m an adult. A plant… eating people.. and his owner chopping up people for him.

Anyway I was pretty excited when I went to Albero and found this on a table for 50L. There’s a wearable version, one you can sit down, and even a tiny teeny one of the plant. You know we all thought the plant was adorable when it was big enough to fit on your table. I had a wedding dress I was waiting to blog, but didn’t find the proper inspiration to do until now. The hair is a group freebee from Shag for Valentine’s Day. So this is my Valentine’s Day inspired contribution for the feeds today; me in a wedding dress and getting eating by a flesh eating plant. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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MUA by Djinn & Tonic – Valentine’s Day Sale!

This was the notecard I received from Babyhoney Bailey of Djinn & Tonic.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

XMas Gliteratti(1)

There are exactly 50 days left until Christmas. Can you believe the year is almost up? I can’t. Personally I’m not a fan of Christmas shopping, but I love Christmas “Give me Presents now” time. I know that’s selfish but blame it on being an only child. I can’t wait until I get my first pay check in November so I can start buying giftcards (and only giftcards) for my family and friends. Gliteratti is already getting ready for the season by releasing a few goodies for Christmas. The Christmas Market sim is literally days away or it’s probably up right now because I’m kinda of slow when remembering things and the sweet Katey Coppola has released these amazing presents you can sit on for your Christmas pictures/cards as well as a brand new pose set Shane and I are modeling in the first picture. Also there’s a HUGE SALE going on at Gliteratti where most of her pose sets are for 100L. Plus her couples/group poses are 100L and her fatpacks are 50 percent off. Word on the SL street is that there’s a contest coming up and considering the last contest she had she gave over 100,000L in linden and prizes, this is going to be amazing.

Because we love Katey’s stuff and her poses cater our bodies almost perfectly (we’re little women!) We decided to put on some winter clothes, forget fall momentarily and head for winter. We’re not showcasing the clothes. It’s all about the Xmas-y poses that’s going to be coming to Gliteratti in the next few days. Shane is posing with the male gift box that has 5 poses that all you do is sit on and use the menu to shuffle through the poses, and I’m using the female version.

Xmas Gliteratti(2)


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Monday, October 5 2009.

We hit ten thousand hits in less than four months! Thank you to everyone who likes to read this blog.


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Two sales with clothes under 50L

Chikka Design

It’s Sunday and for me it’s the day I love to spend shopping in Second Life. Currently there are two sales going on that I know about. One is from Chikka Design and the other is Church of Luxe! Everything at Chikka Design is going for 49L. Everything at Church of Luxe is going at 50L. I couldn’t resist and I wanted to show off what I bought. The skin I’m using is the new Redgrave, Megan. I’m not too sure if I like it or not. It has to grow on me!


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