Get ready for Spring with Fri.Day and SLink.

Greetings! I think I have Internet ADD or something because this took forever to get up. First off, Fri.Day has released these adorable Paradiso.Rompers for the Spring. The romper comes with three neutral colors (Black, Brown, Silver) of the Cinch.Belt. There are also small, medium, and large sizes because even in SL we’re not all built the same. If you want a different color belt such as I put the red belt with the yellow romper, the other colors are just 80L. Also released today are the Tiger Heels from sLink. At first I was “Lol @ Tiger” but then I saw the design and the more I looked, the more I wanted them. I know how much Stiletto Moody shoes are and though Maitreya shoes are considerably less, they’re still over 1K. So even though I’m on a budget, I prepared myself for the price. What was shocking was the fact these Tiger shoes are under 700L. Immediately I had to get it, and I’ll probably be back for another color. They’re easy to fit and color, but I kind of cheated I guess. My color (or near it) was there. They’re still not quite matching my skin so I’ll play with it tonight. There are also four new hairs from Fri.Day that I’m wearing in black. Hope you all enjoy Sunday!


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New Items:: PIDIDDLE

I was offered a blogger review pack of the new items of PIDIDDLE and I just want to thank the owner because I love the store. Out now you can find Kimchi Racerback Tanks, Raw Bones Leotards, and Scrunchy Wool Socks! Also there are new tattoos. I have new items from everywhere just sitting in my folder so I thought why not combine the new items with the items I have here and try to come up with a couple of outfits.


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New fall/winter items from Modd.G.


I have to say this. I love the way moddishh GossipGirl create her clothes. She has released a few key pieces for the winter in colors that remind me of bubble gum for some reason. It’s good thing, plus they come on different layers which is good. I put a few outfits together to show how you can wear the different styles, but ultimately I’m showcasing her new items that are for sale at her store. I even included the different skins I’m wearing. A first for me.


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Just another Saturday.

The days go by so fast, I can hardly fit what feels like three breaths into 24 hours. It’s crazy. When the days go by fast, obviously, the weeks roll on, and before you know it another weekend is coming to a close. Prepared to start your week all over again? Stuck in a mindless, numbing routine you can’t get out of? Yeah, I know how it is. For most of us, that’s why we sign on SL. Nothing the same, everything different. At the same time, I find myself wishing life away from the computer was equally as enthralling. I’m tired of walking the same walks, seeing the same faces with names I don’t know, buying the same things, week in and week out. I’ve taken to reading the newspaper on weekdays. “Slow day for news,” I’ll say as my eyes drip with exhaustion after 8 hours of sleep. Have to play tonight, have to vent it all out in words that don’t belong in my mouth, wake up the next day and the same looming sense of banal existence looms over my shoulder. That is, of course, until Clear gets home. I know it sounds ridiculous to some people. Keep RL and SL separate, and I’m glad you can do that. But what if your SL isn’t your SL at all? What if SL is your RL in animated form, and all of your feelings are true, if not truer, than those when away? She’s a big part of my life, and some days it’s often quite daunting when I’m six hours ahead and I can’t see her.

But I digress. Weekends we can spend more time together. And so we blog!



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Biffle Kitty!

One of the best stores on the grid, in my opinion, is Gritty Kitty. I’ll never get enough of that hair, but I have no idea if I’ve actually said that in a past blog or not. Oh how the mind wanders. I’m still sick, sadly, but I hung out with Charlotte some after my show, and we raided the place. I mean we must have spent 1k in there combined, if not more. I bought three new hairs, she bought two, she bought the portable camera, I bought the box of records. She bought some lanterns and fawn ears, some necklaces, and I bought the boa scarf (coolest thing ever, bring on fall and winter!!) We had a good time and talked each other out of buying the Baman hair, though it’s one of the best things I’ve seen. I also raided yesterday, as Clear blogged. My friend Clementine and I both bought the henley hoodie, and my immediate reaction was to try layer it with a jacket, which I haven’t been able to do with any other hoodie so far. It worked! With a lot of prim work, but I think it looks good all the same. I’m a fan, I gotta say. Need to buy more of their v-necks…

Here we are at the skybox while Clear was at work sleeping!



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Day 2.

Surviving on 3 hours of sleep, a nightmare and a mysterious (I hope) 24 hour bug, blogging should be the last thing on my mind. It’s not. We made a pact, etc etc etc. Right now I’m sitting in my RL computer chair in shorts and a Guns N Roses t-shirt, half wanting to pass out, a quarter wanting to write what’s going on in my head and the final share left to keeping an eye on the time as in 8 hours or so, I’ll be playing at Azriel’s.

Clear and I have a little saying; it goes like this, “let me just piece an outfit together.” I’m trying to trademark that, along with the possible title, POT (meaning, well, you can figure it out.) Clever, clever. Since it was my turn, and I raided Gritty Kitty yesterday, since I never can choose just one hair in there, and pretty much POTed my way around that. Here’s what I came up with.



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Lazy Monday! (June 15, 2009)

Shane and I are approximately six hours away, so when I get done with RL work we try to make the best of the few hours we have with each other on SL. Today’s outfits were just a mix and match of things we already had in our virtual closets plus new pieces we collectively bought over the weekend. I have over 12K of items in my inventory, and Shane’s not that far from me.


Truth Hawks released new hair over the weekend and I instantly fell in love with the Maltilda hair. Maitreya also released new skinny jeans and a razor-back tank. I’m always wearing plain white and black tanks, but I have an issue with remembering where they are in my inventory so I go and buy new ones. This is why I need to organize my folders! I paired it up with one of my favorite jackets from Zaara, and a necklace from the talented Lucas Lameth. The shoes were a freebee a long time ago from LeLutka, but they matched far better on my screen than on Shane’s. I swear it’s her SL. 😉


On the flip side we have Shane’s style. I can’t tell you what possessed her to dress like this today. I think she started with the new belt she picked up from Wink*L and went from there. I swear one of these days she’ll come on here and tell us the inspiration for her outfits. I love her style though.

On Clear
Necklace – (luc) fashion jewelery (formerly of -Earthtones-) Heartwood Necklace Gold
Hair – Truth – Maltilda – Dune
Shoes – [LeLutka] Korina Shoes – Olive (freebee from a past gift)
Tank – Maitreya – RB Tank – Black
Pants – Maitreya – Skinny Jeans – #05
Jacket – Zaara: Inka Jacket *grey*

On Shane
Belt- Wink*L Bullet Belt Catsuitbelt (S)
Jacket- *ARAI* Military jacket
Pants- Baiastice_pants vintage
Boots- Maitreya Female Desert Boots – Brown
Hair – Maitreya Sunday (Jet)

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