I have a confession. I can’t fit prim and/or sculptie lashes to save a life. This is an unfortunate time for me. For months I’ve been walking around with either my lashes floating or no lashes at all. Luckily there are tattoo lashes from Garage. They only work on the 2.0 version of SL, but these have saved my life.

Also! Check out these new cardigans from Reek!

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Today is a good day.

Today is a good day. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why! For the past year and a half I’ve been switching from viewer to viewer because my snapshots would never save to my computer. It was driving me insane!! Finally I found out it was something I had installed on my computer that somehow goes against SL things and it needed to go. After I deleted it, I’ve been able to take snapshots to disks on any viewer, not just limited to one. This is a good thing for me.

I wanted to blog this outfit, but after SL was shut down and out for all of those hours, I forgot all about it. This is just a post I threw together to show off all of the new things you can get. I love the ears, by the way. I’m going to include all of the SLURL links for you. Have a good day.


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Lazy Sundays.

Greetings! It’s been a while since Shane and I got together to show off an outfit together. Timezones are our biggest enemy and it keeps us apart more than we care to admit. It sucks, but when you’re six hours apart from the one you want to be with you have to make due with the time given to you. Today we thought we’d get together and blog two outfits.

There are a lot of new things out on the grid. I don’t think Shane and I have had a chance to shop together, but maybe after I’m done with this, I can convince her to go on a shopping spree with me. Today’s blog shows new things from Tiny Bird, Urbanity, Maitreya, Action, and Insignia.

Also if you didn’t know, Shane is in a band! Her group, Dead Heathers, our back and ready to take over the SL grid by storm. If you’ve never heard of the band, check out their myspace page here. You can also find Shane’s page on it too. She’s a musician.

Anyway, here are the outfits we put together for our Sunday afternoon. I apologize for not getting the pose names written down. My internet has been acting up and I’ve been all over the place today. If you recognize your pose I used, please comment and I’ll credit you ASAP!

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MUA by Djinn & Tonic – Valentine’s Day Sale!

This was the notecard I received from Babyhoney Bailey of Djinn & Tonic.

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Whippet & Buck

Probably the first time I’ve been to the store for a lengthy amount of time, and it’s all thanks to 50L Friday! I went to start doing my rounds after I’d taken a shower this afternoon, and stopped short when I bought and tried on one of W&B’s two 50L items – the shirt. I’m in love with it, and I stopped my proceedings there to, instead, run back to that store and buy some other colours of it. Figured I’d blog what I picked up, cause wow, they look great on me!


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Finally Shane blogs with me!

Finally Shane and I had a chance to get together and blog! This hasn’t happened all year. As you know I’m a store manager at Naive. There are some new releases there if you check out the website. There’s also a new build! Naive’s things are relatively cheap and they range from formal wear to casual wear and even men’s wear. Shane and I thought it’d be cool to go there and find a few pieces to complete our outfits today, and we blogged together!

Check out Naive for it’s new releases. You might even see me there. 😉


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Look of the Day: Sunday

I’m still sporting Exile’s new hair called Monica. I can’t take it off. I finally also succumb to the new skin from Lelutka. Emery has always been a store I love to shop in and after I figured out where the new stuff was, I went nuts. The most surprising thing I bought were shoes from G Field. These slingback shoes come in an assortment of colors and cost a fraction less than what shoes are going these days. I have to go back and get some more.

Skirt: So Many Styles – Flower Highwast Skirt Red-Grey
Shirt: Whippet and BUck – I’ll Be a Ghost Shirt (50L Black Friday)
Jacket: Emery – Orchid Club Fucsia
Shoes: G Field – Ribbon Slingback Shoes -strawberry-

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New Items:: PIDIDDLE

I was offered a blogger review pack of the new items of PIDIDDLE and I just want to thank the owner because I love the store. Out now you can find Kimchi Racerback Tanks, Raw Bones Leotards, and Scrunchy Wool Socks! Also there are new tattoos. I have new items from everywhere just sitting in my folder so I thought why not combine the new items with the items I have here and try to come up with a couple of outfits.


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Monday, October 5 2009.

We hit ten thousand hits in less than four months! Thank you to everyone who likes to read this blog.


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Sunday, October 4, 2009.

It’s just a lazy Sunday for Shane and I. We’re not up to much of anything. We kind of begun the process of sorting things in our inventory out. She’s very OCD and needs things to be put in their right place. While sorting our inventory out, we found a couple pieces of clothing that we liked so much we thought we’d show it off. The tights I’m wearing are from October’s Gift from So Many Styles.



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