I haven’t done this in a while; Look of the Day.


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Seriously, True Blood.


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Tik Tok’s Make Up on LAQ’s Tess.

This is LAQ’s new face called Tess2. I’ve decided my shape and LAQ skin are MFEO because ever since Molly I’ve been wearing LAQ non stop. It’s a good skin and you get 10 make ups for less than $2,000L. That’s a steal. It’s amazing. Anyway, this is the newest face called Tess2. I don’t know what Tess 1 looks like at all, but alright. Maybe I’ll go investigate it!

Ever since the invention of alpha layers for Second Life, there have been designers out there who creates an optional tattoo layer for face make up. Miah McAuley of Tik Tok has created twenty two tattoo layers for optional eye make up. I know a lot of people who will like this idea because now the possibilities are endless with what make up options you can come up with. I’m going to show off nine eye make up options for you. Unfortunately I’m not wearing eyelashes. I never wear eyelashes so I’m sorry if it looks creepy to you without it!

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Simple outfits are always the best for me.


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New things from -L`Abel- for the summer.

This should’ve been done a long time ago. I was trying to clear out my inventory and I found an assortment of things from L’Abel that was worth blogging. I hope the designers forgive me for not getting to it at a faster time. I love the classiness of the designs and the prims were easy for me to fit. I hope you love these outfits too. By the way, do any of you have a tumblr? Please add me: fuckyeahclearcanning!


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Hyper Culture’s Black Lace Collection.

Christensia Parkin of Hyper Culture dropped a review package off of her two new dresses from the Black Lace Collection. They’re called Signora and Signora 2 respectively. The only difference in the two is the collar.


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New Store: *Kawaii*

When I logged into SL today, I found a review box from Anoushka Feden. She owns a new store called *Kawaii* and gave me two things to review for you all.


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Lazy Sundays.

Greetings! It’s been a while since Shane and I got together to show off an outfit together. Timezones are our biggest enemy and it keeps us apart more than we care to admit. It sucks, but when you’re six hours apart from the one you want to be with you have to make due with the time given to you. Today we thought we’d get together and blog two outfits.

There are a lot of new things out on the grid. I don’t think Shane and I have had a chance to shop together, but maybe after I’m done with this, I can convince her to go on a shopping spree with me. Today’s blog shows new things from Tiny Bird, Urbanity, Maitreya, Action, and Insignia.

Also if you didn’t know, Shane is in a band! Her group, Dead Heathers, our back and ready to take over the SL grid by storm. If you’ve never heard of the band, check out their myspace page here. You can also find Shane’s page on it too. She’s a musician.

Anyway, here are the outfits we put together for our Sunday afternoon. I apologize for not getting the pose names written down. My internet has been acting up and I’ve been all over the place today. If you recognize your pose I used, please comment and I’ll credit you ASAP!

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Friday’s Sweetheart.

Greetings! I hope you all are having a fabulous today. Today’s look is being brought to you by Fri.Day. I really like their new Sweetheart Dress. Unfortunately the coat is shopped on. The skirt’s a bit too poofy to wear with coats, but the blue and black look is working for me. I found that Friday’s back sweater looks the best with this. You can wear the dress alone or put a shirt underneath. This is the kind of dress you can either dress up with a lot of accessories or wear none at all. I think the bottom half of the dress is all the decoration you need, personally. The hair, Miley, is also a new release from Fri.Day and you’re being shown it in blonde and brown tones. I think Friday does ponytail hair the best. Here are the credits and like always if you need help to get to a certain store, you can either comment, IM, or plurk me!

Look One.
Jacket: Riddle – Winter Blues Coat (Red)
Skin: LAQ ~ Molly 01
Hair: Fri.Day – Miley (Jaded Blond)
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Spring Fling Wedges (50L Friday)
Dress: fri.day – Sweet.Heart Dress (Amethyst)
Piercings: -HoD – Knock Out

Look Two.

Piercings: -HoD – Knock Out
Leggings: Maiiki – Leggings Black
Shirt: Fri.Day – Draped Back Sweater (Black)
Shoes: G. Fields – Ribbon Slingback Shoes (Navy)
Necklace: Happy Finds – Vintage Necklace Collection
Hair: Fri.Day – Miley (Thoughtful Brown)
Dress: Fri.Day – Sweet Heart Dress (Sapphire)
Skin: Amacci – Felicia Skin (Fresh)

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I look at the world and I notice it’s turning.

This outfit was something I put together fairly easy. Lelutka released new hair and while I was really thrilled, only one hair from the new released looked alright on me. There was a new high waisted skirt from Luck Inc, and after a trip to Sheer for the right stockings and after finding this top from Sweetest Goodbye, the look came together. All I needed was a good purse to match the band in the skirt, and that was when I hopped over to Tres Blah. Fortunately the purse was modifiable and I was able to tint it to my best ability.


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