Bohemian Rhapsody.


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Le Cirque De La Mode: MAY 15-23.

Last month I told you about a little event called Le Cirque De La Mode. Well there’s back at it again and from now until the 23rd of May you can get select pieces from your favorite designers. They will only be sold at this location. The theme for this month is masquerade. We all love to dress up right! The three outfits I’m wearing are exclusive to Split Pea and are called Cages Under Outfit and Hat, Chronic Town, and Reaping Wheel. Check them out!

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Hipster what?

One of Shag’s new hairs, “Under My Thumb” gave me a hipster vibe so strong that when League handed on over their gift (I think) of the striped gloves and skirt, I knew I had to POT something the youngins would wear at a Bravery concert. I like it!

(I’m not staying in this all day, though.)


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I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Or not. I love the Godfather, but I’m Ebeneezer Scrooge, and it is almost Christmas. Ha.

COCO released some kickass Oxfords. Though I’m trying to save (still), they were under 400L, and I fucking love shoes like this. After I’d bought them, I realized I was still wearing the grandpa suspenders from League, and suddenly it occurred to me; I was straight out of 1940’s Sicilian New York. Inspired, I looked far and wide to replicate some Godfather scenes, and on failing, googled a back drop and put it on a box to make it look like I wasn’t in my skybox. Genius. Here’s what I came up with. I had a lot of fun.


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Biffle Kitty!

One of the best stores on the grid, in my opinion, is Gritty Kitty. I’ll never get enough of that hair, but I have no idea if I’ve actually said that in a past blog or not. Oh how the mind wanders. I’m still sick, sadly, but I hung out with Charlotte some after my show, and we raided the place. I mean we must have spent 1k in there combined, if not more. I bought three new hairs, she bought two, she bought the portable camera, I bought the box of records. She bought some lanterns and fawn ears, some necklaces, and I bought the boa scarf (coolest thing ever, bring on fall and winter!!) We had a good time and talked each other out of buying the Baman hair, though it’s one of the best things I’ve seen. I also raided yesterday, as Clear blogged. My friend Clementine and I both bought the henley hoodie, and my immediate reaction was to try layer it with a jacket, which I haven’t been able to do with any other hoodie so far. It worked! With a lot of prim work, but I think it looks good all the same. I’m a fan, I gotta say. Need to buy more of their v-necks…

Here we are at the skybox while Clear was at work sleeping!



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League of Our Own

League came out with new jeans. That’s the first thing I’ll say, because it’s one of the best pieces of SL news I’ve heard all week. I own a pair of every single one of their pants and I can’t get enough of the detail, design or thought put into their clothes. Today, simultaneously, Clear and I both mentioned them and within five seconds had TPed on over there to but them, despite lack of funds on my behalf. (One day I’ll be an SL Capitalist, one day!) They were well worth the buy, and soon led to a discussion/mockery over the pronunciation of garage when tracking down a place to snap the shots. I found one eventually. We roamed it, snapped it and here we are.



On Clear

Hair- TRUTH Romy – night
Boots- TheAbyss NAU Combat Boots (Unisex)
Pants- *League* Garage Jeans (Straight Leg Fit)
Shirt- *League* Garage Shirt Khaki


On Shane

Hair- Uw.St Reed-Hair mesh black (freebie!)
Gloves- [CALYPSO GIANO] Gloves – Rock my Life
Facepaint- *BOOM* All Star (Rt)
Earrings- :: Exodi :: Annah Hoop Earring
Cigarette- (NS) Cigg- White animation
Shoes- :GF: sneakers 1
Top- *Muism* [Tank Top]_Black&White
Jeans- *League* garage jeans – Turn-Up Fit


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