I LOVE OLIVE… and martinis.

I wrote this back in Feb and forgot to post it. FAIL. Oh well. Still check it out!

Whenever I LOVE OLIVE comes out with new hair, I always find myself excited. The initial feeling I project is a prayer to the fashion Gods that this time, there’ll be a short style for me. I’ve tried modeling the long, but it never seems to work out for me! Their newest release, EMMA, came to me through I HEART SL a few days ago, but because of 2.0, I forgot about it until today when Clear said she was blogging and I reminded myself that I had a few things to unpack. There I went, through the cycle of prayer and positive thinking until I opened it and checked the texture on the notecard – I LOVE IT. I LOVE OLIVE. I love the long hair too (even though I can’t wear it), I love the styles, I love the originality and the diversity, and my head feels very at home with it on top.

Also, Intrigue Co. just released some new vests! They’re only 25L and work like a charm on top of t-shirts from all around the grid. I love this store so much, and I own a couple of vests IRL, so having a few in SL aswell has made me a very happy camper. You can also check out their new satellite store on the Sweet Cyanide District alongside other favourite stores of mine such as Young Urban.

Lastly, the 50L boots from Kookie are very much to my taste (I own similar ones IRL) so I nabbed these up, and am thinking of going down to get a pair of full priced ones I like them so much.


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Jazz it, jazz it real good.

The other day, I zipped on over to one of my favourite stores on the grid, Intrigue Co., and noticed they had brand new sculpted coats. I grabbed one ASAP (they’re only 50L! Well worth it.) and along with it, one of their newer t-shirts that I hadn’t seen before; the tuxedo one. I’ve had a few tuxedo T’s in my inventory before, but I’ve deleted them all up until now. I adore this one. In the style of Clear, I decided to piece.


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Halloween in SL.

I’m a virgin when it comes to Second Life Halloween – this is my first. Thus far, it hasn’t been disappointing. I didn’t manage to get a costume I stuck with, but I did throw a few pieces together to get my final look, which I’m not blogging. I technically started playing this game in October 2006. That’s three years ago for those of you, like me, who have lost all hold on time and space, as though the world is building up to the cataclysmic meltdown as predicted by the Mayans years and years in the past. In my first couple of weeks, I met a girl called Elle Kirshner, at (I think) a club called Hooters n Shooters. She’d made friends with Clear, and since we shared the last name, for that one night we referred to each other as cousins. I look back on this fondly, as it was only hours later when my computer decided it no longer wanted to handle SL anymore. Little did I know, when I was brought back to the grid, 2 1/2 years later, Elle would be an awesome builder and owner of Second Spaces. I love her furniture. It’s so classic, and I worship the little writing desk I keep meaning to buy. In any event, Clear passed me over the Second Spaces Halloween bits and bobs to blog, which is what this is, combined with a little of my Halloween outfit and a dog that looks like my RL one! (Yay.)



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Best pants ever.

It should be well established by now that I enjoy “different” things in SL. Jackets tied around waists, hoodies worn over one arm and with one arm out, shirts with cigarettes in their pockets and sweats with condoms and Wayferers in theirs. Now a few weeks back, Clear linked me to some jeans on Xstreet with four different ways to wear them. I wanted them, but at the time, I was budgeting myself (found out yesterday that visiting my co-blogger might be a more attainable goal than once thought!) to save up my lindens for cash out, and lost the link. It took a while to find, but this morning, after 1 1/2 hours of sleep, I was inspired. I needed these jeans. I needed to wear them around my ankles as I performed for the final time at Azriel’s Australian Art Retreat (as it had to close due to funding purposes :() so I searched for everything from “pants floor” to “jeans” and found the male version – aha, there it was. Then I realized they also had a female version, and that was that. I bought ’em. Mine all mine.

Blog Sunday 2

Half downs. (more…)

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Lelutka’s Fall/Winter Line 2009.

Lelutka, in my opinion, has always had exceptional clothes that led the way in SL Fashion, and their new fall/winter line isn’t any exception. Shane and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to show off the new male and female line and decided to keep it simple with a white background to allow you to see how intricate and magnificent the textures are. Shane is going to be showcasing the male line to show you that even women can wear some things there with just a few editing of the prims. In my personal opinion, the Lelutka team of designers are getting better with each release they come out with. Though it was just a couple of outfits and shoes, I hope that this isn’t it from them for the winter and we can expect something for at least Christmas.



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Another INTRUGUING post.

Ha, bad pun. Moral of the story is that I woke up this morning to a notecard from the owners of Intrigue Co. (one of my favourite stores on the grid, for sure) saying that they’d moved their main store. The first thing I did was run off to check it out. It looks AMAZING. Not only that, but there are new t-shirts! (Yay.) New hoodies, too, but I’m more of a tee girl. There are also three new dollarbies around the three levels of the store, along with some old ones.

Go check out their new home! (The other will remain open for another month, so no rush to change LMs)

Picked up a few things while I was there.


Told you I’d just woken up. Follow the cut.


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Muism + Intrigue Co.

Fresh from the sourness that is 15 And Pregnant, I decided to blog. Over the past five days, I’ve worn maybe 2 outfits. I’m still on a self-proclaimed price cut, so I can have more money in than that which is going out to minor things on SL when I can’t afford coke. Ha, I kid.

Muism had(?) a 50% sale going on, and thank God. There are some coats in there for too-many-L-than-I-want-to-spend, but I can see why in a way. Well made, nicely constructed and textured, thought out, and I know it takes a long time to make things – not first hand of course, I couldn’t make clothes if my life depended on it-  I’m just lucky and have the money when there are some people that don’t. Regardless, I’m in love with their flexi ties and picked one out, teaming it with a tweed unisex jacket I grabbed for less than 250. I was set.

Intrigue Co. has some new shirts. Newly textured with some kickass designs. I love that store, as our readers are aware, and I’d blog their creations until the end of the earth. Like I said, I’m cutting back on buying things, and though at 25L/piece, I could pick up 10 of them for 250, I snatched the few I liked best. I’ll probably find myself going back there soon, though. The Indie texture whore in me is pretty satisfied. Here we go.


Style card and Intrigue shirts under the cut!


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I’m back, and lazier than ever.

After a not-long-enough week across the border (my border, that is) I came home on Saturday to a surprise birthday party. I actually returned super cranky and was close to going to bed at 8pm out of a mixture of disappointment and exhaustion. I took a week to write, man, and I came back with nothing. I read a lot, though. I figured the other day I’d blog some of the things people got me for my first birthday experience on SL, since I am very much grateful to every single one of them, then I hopped over to Intrigue Co. (yes, I know) to find some new shirts I didn’t have. Naturally, I had to add these to the idea of a post I had too long ago to remember, along with the Gritty Kitty t-shirts from the poop hunt and the phenomenally suiting Merlotte’s shirts by BARCODE and Young Urban. So, uh, welcome back me.

Intrigue - Star Boober Relax


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Intrigue Co.!

I was feed hopping for things to buy when I caught eye of this post by The SL Sweet Life. Could it be? Could one of my favourite places to go on SL have moved to a bigger store and have added some new releases? I think so!

So in this mood of sickness, scattiness and inability to concentrate on anything beyond what I see in front of my eyes in that second, I bring you every one of their new releases. (Except the Madonna shirt, because it’s on the Midnight Mania board – go get yourself down there and click!) We have Motley Crue, we have Led Zep, the Stones, MJ, FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, NKOTB – genius. There’s also an I (HEART) 80’s hoodie for $1L outside the door.

Remember, kids. $25L /shirt is what the old timers call, A Bargain.




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My Love of Intrigue

I love CSI: Miami for one thing – Horatio Caine; who’s with me? He has everything anyone could ever want in a person. Style, witty one-liners (“that’s what I call death… from above”), shades to die for and an ultra-cool demeanor that rarely falters. Of all the character avatars in Second Life, the only one I would pay for would be a Horatio one. His dashing red hair, Floridian tourist sun-squint et al. I admire him. I want to be him. I watched an old episode today in preparation to find out – gasp – if Horatio Caine is dead or alive. Something tells me he’s not as expendable as, say, Sara Sidle could be. He’s the King of the world, but the idea of television without him would be sad to say the least.

Clearly I’ve been geeking out today during a few-hour long thunder storm but before that came the idea for my blog. One of my favourite stores on SL is Intrigue Co. It has anything that a nerd (especially one that grew up in the 80s/90s) could want. T-shirts and hoodies with everything from Pacman to Duck Hunt to Sesame Street to Ren and Stimpy. I’d buy the entire store if I could.

Yesterday there was a notice for a Michael Jackson memorial hoodie. Since I (g)love MJ, I went and queued up for the lucky chair to display my letter – which, after various Z’s, it didn’t – but my friend Noelle passed me 50L so I could buy it and we didn’t have to wait anymore. As gratifying as standing around a lucky chair for your letter is, 50L doesn’t really break banks and every single well-made hoodie from Intrigue is exactly that price. I have a few of them myself, and even more of their shirts that are just 25L. I’ll be making a blog post about those another time! So, here we go.



(currently on the Midnight Mania board – go and click!)



If you’ve never been there, why not go ahead and see? http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sayadaw/27/203/3511

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