Today is a good day.

Today is a good day. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why! For the past year and a half I’ve been switching from viewer to viewer because my snapshots would never save to my computer. It was driving me insane!! Finally I found out it was something I had installed on my computer that somehow goes against SL things and it needed to go. After I deleted it, I’ve been able to take snapshots to disks on any viewer, not just limited to one. This is a good thing for me.

I wanted to blog this outfit, but after SL was shut down and out for all of those hours, I forgot all about it. This is just a post I threw together to show off all of the new things you can get. I love the ears, by the way. I’m going to include all of the SLURL links for you. Have a good day.


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Quick Post: Want To Love You.


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Lady in red…she’s dancing with meeee.

I’m in one of my “clean up inventory” moods and I’m finding some good things. For the next couple of days I think I’ll just post pictures with the credits. I hope you all don’t mind my laziness!

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It’s not too late to pick up some unique pieces of jewelery from this fashion event.

Jewelery set: *BOOM* Big Top (Bangles and Earrings)

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Sh*t Happens and Fri.Day

This is just a quick post to show you all of the good things you can get at Fri.Day and Sh*t Happens. Credits are underneath the cut.


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Get ready for Spring with Fri.Day and SLink.

Greetings! I think I have Internet ADD or something because this took forever to get up. First off, Fri.Day has released these adorable Paradiso.Rompers for the Spring. The romper comes with three neutral colors (Black, Brown, Silver) of the Cinch.Belt. There are also small, medium, and large sizes because even in SL we’re not all built the same. If you want a different color belt such as I put the red belt with the yellow romper, the other colors are just 80L. Also released today are the Tiger Heels from sLink. At first I was “Lol @ Tiger” but then I saw the design and the more I looked, the more I wanted them. I know how much Stiletto Moody shoes are and though Maitreya shoes are considerably less, they’re still over 1K. So even though I’m on a budget, I prepared myself for the price. What was shocking was the fact these Tiger shoes are under 700L. Immediately I had to get it, and I’ll probably be back for another color. They’re easy to fit and color, but I kind of cheated I guess. My color (or near it) was there. They’re still not quite matching my skin so I’ll play with it tonight. There are also four new hairs from Fri.Day that I’m wearing in black. Hope you all enjoy Sunday!


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Quick Update: Young Urban



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Where have you been?

Hey there! It’s been a long time since you’ve seen my face. I know, a whole week. But for me that’s a long time. I never thought I’d say it, but real life is taking the wheel and SL is taking a backseat. I’m currently enrolled in a university again for Accounting and last week was orientation. I’ll start school officially on Monday. So we’ll see how much I’ll be around. I think for now because I have so many items I have to get out there to blog I’ll just post what I can. It’s going to be exciting to go back to school. This look I have to show you right now is just something I pieced together quickly. I hope all of you have had a good week! I’m all over the place with this one. Oh, the skin I’m wearing is a freebee from Vive9, but you have to join the group (150L) it’s in the notices.


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Still new goodness from Fri.Day.

The new things from Fri.Day have been so awesome that I had to break it down into three posts so I wouldn’t exert myself. I loved the styles I came up with and this one’s no different. I decided to use the wine color cardigan with the regular color of the low rise jeans. The jeans, by the way, are on both pants and underwear layers and there’s a flare for both regular and flat shoes and a skinny leg. I like the options Fri.Day delivers with their jeans in that aspect. I also had an old layering tank from the store that went perfect with the look I was going for. The skin is from Dutch Touch and it’s a group freebee! They also have new skin out that I’m DYING to try out. I haven’t been on a shopping spree all week! What’s up with that?

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Different styles.

I don’t know what to call this, but these items have been in my “Piecing” folder for awhile so I thought I’d just post them. Hope you like. 🙂


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