Still on Hiatus!

We’re still on what you call an unofficial hiatus break. There are a lot of things going on. For example I’m back in school at the moment (Accounting major, ugh) and I’m trying to get adjusted to these nine week blocks and Shane has lost all will to update. Just kidding, maybe she’ll get it back in the upcoming days. But today, today is a weird day. I’ve been out of the loop of SL for a few weeks now, but when I went through my folders I saw an assortment of things from stores so I’m going to try to blog it on my free time and force Shane to dress up with me.

The skin I’m wearing is from Plastik and it’s apart of the Elven Lionheart series. The color of choice I’m wearing is porcelain. What I like about this skin the most is the fact it comes with elf ears that already match the skin color!! Finally I don’t have to fiddle with it and worry about how it looks on other people’s windlight settings.

I also grabbed my girl to show off some new summer items that are floating around on the grid. It’s a quick blog post, but hey we’re still alive and kicking! I can’t believe Shane and I have been blogging for a year almost. That’s crazy.


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Start of a new week.

It’s the start of a new week! Which means nothing cause I do the same thing every week. Real life is fun, right? I tell you what is fun, new releases from I Love Olive, Reek, and Nayar. Also I picked up something Shane thinks is funny, but it’s the reason why I am finally on 2.0.

We’ll start off with the new release from I Love Olive called Jolene. This hair is adorable! I swear the creators of I Love Olive are getting better with every release they come out with. Jolene is a side sweep ponytail hair with a clip on the side of it. I kept clicking on the clip and it didn’t do anything so sadly you can’t change it’s colors. I like this hair. It’s sporty and flirty and goes well with the rest of this outfit.

Nayar! released Sissi tube tops and no one can go wrong with tube tops in Second Life. I’m wearing the pink and grey tube top. I paired it off with the old short release from Surf Co. for a casual look.

I remember back in the nineties everyone from where I was from used to wear their socks underneath their sandals. I thought that fashion trend was stupid! It made no sense whatsoever. However with Reek’s new sandal release, I can’t seem to stop wearing these sandals. I like the work that was put into making the foot part of the sock. You can also get these sandals without the socks and wear them plain. I love these!

I had to get 2.0 so I can wear the teeth tattoo from a store called Porcupine Love. If you’re a fan of teeth on skin, now you can have teeth on all of your skin with this layer for 2.0. If you don’t have 2.0, you can go to the shop and get the prim version of it. Each are only 30L. I’m not a fan of teeth, but I like these. I’m going to wear it all week (maybe) and see which skins look good with it.

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Lady in red…she’s dancing with meeee.

I’m in one of my “clean up inventory” moods and I’m finding some good things. For the next couple of days I think I’ll just post pictures with the credits. I hope you all don’t mind my laziness!

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All in the same few days? Get out of town.

Nope. Nope I won’t, because it’s true. This might by my favourite hair on SL yet (at least right now). It’s messy, it’s different, it’s totally by I LOVE OLIVE, who is one of my favourite hair suppliers on the whole entire grid. Also, as an allegedly unknowing ‘hipster’, Mr Riq Graves should’ve known I’d buy me up some of his new shades. And last but not least, Action released new skinny ties and ballet flats. I wouldn’t personally wear the flats but they’re so hot that my avatar demanded I show them off. The tie is, well, exactly what I’ve been looking for, for more than 8 months. The chalkboard is by my friend Clementine Ishtari from AWESOME BLOSSOM. You can write whatever you want on it, and naturally, my messages are for Clear.


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I LOVE OLIVE… and martinis.

I wrote this back in Feb and forgot to post it. FAIL. Oh well. Still check it out!

Whenever I LOVE OLIVE comes out with new hair, I always find myself excited. The initial feeling I project is a prayer to the fashion Gods that this time, there’ll be a short style for me. I’ve tried modeling the long, but it never seems to work out for me! Their newest release, EMMA, came to me through I HEART SL a few days ago, but because of 2.0, I forgot about it until today when Clear said she was blogging and I reminded myself that I had a few things to unpack. There I went, through the cycle of prayer and positive thinking until I opened it and checked the texture on the notecard – I LOVE IT. I LOVE OLIVE. I love the long hair too (even though I can’t wear it), I love the styles, I love the originality and the diversity, and my head feels very at home with it on top.

Also, Intrigue Co. just released some new vests! They’re only 25L and work like a charm on top of t-shirts from all around the grid. I love this store so much, and I own a couple of vests IRL, so having a few in SL aswell has made me a very happy camper. You can also check out their new satellite store on the Sweet Cyanide District alongside other favourite stores of mine such as Young Urban.

Lastly, the 50L boots from Kookie are very much to my taste (I own similar ones IRL) so I nabbed these up, and am thinking of going down to get a pair of full priced ones I like them so much.


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Get Bent!

That’s the name of Gabe Bookmite’s pose store. He dropped a few of his latest poses on me and I realize that pose makers deserve recognition and blogging too. So I’m going to make a conscience effort to mention the poses I use. It’s just really hard because I drop everything in my pose stand and I shuffle through them so much that I forget the poses names. So forgive me. Anyway, I used Gabe’s poses in a blog post as well as some new items from places I went over the grid. I’ve been such a bad blogger as of late, but hopefully over the weekend I’ll be able to catch up with things and sort my inventory out all at the same time! Hope you like the new items and yes I’m including SURLs with it.


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Just in time for V-Day.

There are a lot of lingerie being sold this time a year. I thought I’d show off one of my favorite underwear pieces from Urbanity. It comes on all layers and in assorted colors. The Angelina underwear has a whole girl next door appeal of it to me which makes it sexy. I paired it up with different colors of hair from I Love Olive. This is their current hair style called Milla and it’s a fave.

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*BOOM*, baby. *BOOM*

We all play SL for the finer things in life; love, friendships, fun, shopping, and for Clear, one of those things is seeing me try on dresses. So, of course, yesterday, I had to try one on to make her laugh out loud. This sexy little dress is a new release from *BOOM* and looks sexy on everyone – even me! (At first, I was wearing it with boxers and some Vans.) I pieced together a little something around the black version, though, and my cohort in crime shot some pictures. Here they are!

The hair is a new release, “Ettie”, from I LOVE OLIVE and, well,  I LOVE OLIVE for this vintage look!


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