Time for the beach with Surf Co.

In less than a month it’ll be spring. After that it’ll be summer, finally! Surf Co. is getting us ready with new bikinis, shorts, and shoes. What I like about the swimsuits the most are the cute bows on the side. I can tell they probably took the longest to create because they’re adorable. I personally have not seen anything like this before in SL. Usually the swimsuits I see with ribbons on the side are prims or sculpties. Not actually drawn on the suit. I hope you enjoy the outfits!


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.vena cava.

Sloane Irelund has a pretty flickr stream and an even prettier store called .vena cava. I want to live there. You can find clothes, poses, and other things. Right now I’m wearing a blouse from there. Again, I want to go there and live there.

Hair: Truth – Patrice
Skin: Dutch Touch – Gween Cocoa Smokey X
Earrings: *Boom* – G Hoop Earrings
Bottoms: *Boom* – Getting Low Jeans
Shirts: Vena Cava – Citrus Layered Clavicle Blouse
Shoes: *COCO* Loafter Mules Marigold

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*BOOM*, baby. *BOOM*

We all play SL for the finer things in life; love, friendships, fun, shopping, and for Clear, one of those things is seeing me try on dresses. So, of course, yesterday, I had to try one on to make her laugh out loud. This sexy little dress is a new release from *BOOM* and looks sexy on everyone – even me! (At first, I was wearing it with boxers and some Vans.) I pieced together a little something around the black version, though, and my cohort in crime shot some pictures. Here they are!

The hair is a new release, “Ettie”, from I LOVE OLIVE and, well,  I LOVE OLIVE for this vintage look!


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New Items at EmJay.

Emjay released new items for the new year. It looks like we’re getting ready for Spring, which is good for me because I hate snow and I can’t wait for it winter to be over. I’m also testing out a new shape, made by one of my dear friends Kalia Meiklejohn. She’s getting into making shapes again! She has her own website called SL Shopaholic and you should check it out.


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I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Or not. I love the Godfather, but I’m Ebeneezer Scrooge, and it is almost Christmas. Ha.

COCO released some kickass Oxfords. Though I’m trying to save (still), they were under 400L, and I fucking love shoes like this. After I’d bought them, I realized I was still wearing the grandpa suspenders from League, and suddenly it occurred to me; I was straight out of 1940’s Sicilian New York. Inspired, I looked far and wide to replicate some Godfather scenes, and on failing, googled a back drop and put it on a box to make it look like I wasn’t in my skybox. Genius. Here’s what I came up with. I had a lot of fun.


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Killer Post!

It’s that time again. Killer Post time. I’m still budgeting – – trying not to buy anything in SL I don’t actually want or need. In the process, I’m missing out on hairs I could have, clothes I could have and the lindens are slowly building up in my account. Awesome, right? Well, I was bored this morning, and I checked the feeds. Somebody, and I don’t remember who, but I praise you so much for doing it, blogged a drum bag and a guitar bag from Sey. Gasp, I thought to myself. That is something I need. There’ll be no shortage of use for it in my cyber-hand. I’ll take it everywhere with me; to shows, to stores, to parties. Guh, just guh. TPing right on over to the store, I had to wait for it to rez, and as soon as it had, had to hold back on buying the drum one too. I’m a guitar player, though, so it made more sense for me to get that one. They have four different sets for 380L each, 5 textures in each, and also 6 different ways to carry it. (It attaches to your left hand, or your spine.) And I don’t know, it’s awesome.



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Lelutka’s Fall/Winter Line 2009.

Lelutka, in my opinion, has always had exceptional clothes that led the way in SL Fashion, and their new fall/winter line isn’t any exception. Shane and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to show off the new male and female line and decided to keep it simple with a white background to allow you to see how intricate and magnificent the textures are. Shane is going to be showcasing the male line to show you that even women can wear some things there with just a few editing of the prims. In my personal opinion, the Lelutka team of designers are getting better with each release they come out with. Though it was just a couple of outfits and shoes, I hope that this isn’t it from them for the winter and we can expect something for at least Christmas.



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Hat fun.

Once upon a time, the Internet was a world wide web, open to every possibility you could ever wish to have at your fingertips. Going to official sites for music and movies was interesting, Bolt cruised the web-waves long before Facebook or Myspace, and everybody had a Yahoo! e-mail address, an MSN screenname, an AIM screenname, and one of those ridiculous customised e-mail addresses you could get on websites like idontrememberthenameof-nevermind.com. That was 10 years ago. Now I find myself scraping the bottle of the interest barrel. Once I’ve been updated on my gossip side, I’ll hit the forums for my favourite bands, to see what’s going on with them, and when both are over with, there’s a chance I’ll cruise the fashion feeds. But what does one do when they’re stranded? It certainly doesn’t give me any get-up-n-go to leave the house and do something, instead I sit in the chair hoping something interesting will happen somewhere, or Clear will wake up. My life is sad, but sadder still when I’m inches away from looking at Rotten.com. God forgive me.

Oh, yeah. So I’m blogging. Surprise, etc. Here’s the new beanie from COCO. (By my own admission, I don’t like the bald look, so I had to shop my hair on. Though you can probably tell.)


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While Clear is off slaving at work, I’m at home doing nothing. I was originally going to write a witty account of my day. (Down to the two overweight men that walked past me when I was walking my dog, with 6 between them, that said “it’s a fuckin’ springer dog” – clearly.) I decided against it at some point, choosing to ease my headache by wearing a beanie inside the house. Look of the day……

Snapshot_006 (more…)

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Look of the Day

october (more…)

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