Look of Saturday

If you need any SLURLs, don’t be afraid to ask here, Plurk or in world. I delete all my landmarks because I like to have the smallest inventory possible, but I’ll help out anybody who would like it.


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Look of the Day


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Finally Shane blogs with me!

Finally Shane and I had a chance to get together and blog! This hasn’t happened all year. As you know I’m a store manager at Naive. There are some new releases there if you check out the website. There’s also a new build! Naive’s things are relatively cheap and they range from formal wear to casual wear and even men’s wear. Shane and I thought it’d be cool to go there and find a few pieces to complete our outfits today, and we blogged together!

Check out Naive for it’s new releases. You might even see me there. 😉


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Long time no blog, eh?

Trevor Turner was fabulous and dropped Clear and I some of his new argyle sweater vests. Guess what? I LOVE ARGYLE SWEATER VESTS, and though it’s taken me a while to gear up all of my energy into making my way to this blog, there’s no way I’m not gonna tell you guys to go down and pick one up. I also noticed today that Gritty Kitty has a new hair (at least new to me!) called Da Vinci Reloaded and ZOMG, it’s the perfect thing. I’m a hat freak IRL, so in game it’s pretty much the same. In any event, onward and upward, to the pictures and style card that actually pertain to the posting at hand!


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Some like it hot, just not when they’re sweating.

I also haven’t blogged in a while. (Or have I?) I’ve been wearing a lot of things lately, so I could’ve blogged 8x more than I have, which would make me feel bad if I didn’t have such a backlog of movies to watch that I’m having trouble mustering up the energy to get through. But hey, there’s only one way to go and that’s Up. As you guys saw, from yesterday, I temporarily wore a brand new, lush shape. Clear made it herself, and through her talent, mixed with Nic’s fabulous skin skills, I went from Miss Vida Boheme to Britney Spears in seconds. Although I told her to say it was a Random Chick Model that just “happened” to stop by our skybox in hopes of being photographed, but what’s Second Life if you can’t change yourself at the drop of a hat? If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, go read it and check out, it makes a lot more sense than this paragraph of misused punctuation and endless rambling.

Without further ado:

Hair- [LeLutka]-TYLER Hair Natural Brown
Eyes- Poetic Colors: bright – foggy morning
Jeans- Emery – Denim Black
Sneakers- UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Tank- Emery – Tank Men #Pure
Belt- -END- fret belt part deux

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Baby girl, if you got the time, take off!

It was hot yesterday and is hotter today. Don’t you love that? Well, since it was hot irl, it was hot in SL (don’t ask how that works) so I walked around all day without a shirt. Boys can do it!

hot dayz

Hair- Defectiva Grease Trap BRN (from the hair fair)
Body paint- *Sanu D. Green Pen (from a vendor)
Belt- Reek – I Heart Themes Belt
Jeans- *REDGRAVE* JEANS Used-Look
Shoes- PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor V2

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