I’m packing up my things and heading to a new blog! Until I get everything situated there, I’m going to link my new blog from here. Please comment me if you’d like to exchange links! I need a fresh start.


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Things you should see.

Hiii these are the things that have been sitting in my “to blog” folder forever, but I just haven’t had the time. I’m going to take an hour and see how many things I can shell out.


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Elikapeka Tiramisu is back!

Remember ETD? I know I do. I loved the hair and I still wear a few wigs from there still. (Felicity is one of my favorite hairs of all time.) I was estastic to open my plurk and see that Elikapeka Tiramisu, formerly of ETD, is now starting fresh and has created two new hairs from the new [elikatira] brand. There isn’t a store yet, but if you click here you can go to her SL Market. There are only two hairs, but on the website you can see the different colors she offers as well as try on the demo. The hairs I am wearing are called Fresh and Rumor. I’m so excited! Welcome back Elikapeka!


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Hair Fair 2010 (Take Four)


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What I bought at the Hair Fair (2010) so far…

I’m just adding my two cents and I’m not done yet! Aren’t you sick of seeing the pictures from the Hair Fair yet? I hope not. I still have more coming your way! This is just a little taste.


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Hair Fair 2010 (Part One)

I have a lot of things to show you from the Hair Fair already and it hasn’t even opened yet. I’m one of the bloggers for the Hair Fair 2010 and some of the designers have dropped off copies of their hair to be featured on the bloggers’ website. I’m going to cover as much as I can without bombarding you! I’m going to also include their hair fair TP point so you’ll know which sim your favorite stores are.

This is one of my favorite times in SL and I’m so happy to be participating! I’m going to show you some pictures of hairs (of course) just to give you a sneak peek of everything you’ll get to see on Saturday when it official opens.


Curio Obscura


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Tongue, oh my!


I found this tongue/piercings attachment pretty neat for pictures. It is completely modifiable and there are 4 different variations that can be found at their store.

On Sephia:

  1. Tongue + Piercings: Visavi – Tongue Action / Heretic
  2. Hair: Fri.day – Amelia 2 (Jealous Red)
  3. Skin: Plastik – LionHeart “Prowess” (Story)

One of the interesting things about the Plastik skins, is that they comes with the elf ears, conveniently textured to match the skin tone, hooray!

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Surf Couture’s new shoes.

I have extremely stubby legs and I probably fail at capturing how cute these shoes are, but if you haven’t stopped by Surf Co yet, please check out the new Saturday Moccasins and Knotted Wedges from Surf Co! They come in a lot of colors and the Saturday Moccasins are unisex! If you like what you see then mosey on down to the store and get you a pair.


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I was made for you.

Good evening! This was supposed to be a post about the new shoes from Surf Co. I was dropped some review copies over the weekend and I promised myself I’d get an update out, but instead I got wrapped up with school. I finally get a day where I can do something and I procrastinated the whole day through! I need some motivation, really. SO anyway, I was about to take pictures of the shoes and it won’t rez for the life of me! I guess I need to go back on the drawing board with that, but it’s coming.

The skin is a Stumblebum item from Atomic and it’s only 500L. I’m in love with it as much as I’m in love with the deals. The shirt is from Friday and well this is just me loitering around! Nothing special. I hope you all had a good day and happy Thursday to you. It’s almost the weekend, baby.


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Simple outfits are always the best for me.


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