I LOVE OLIVE… and martinis.

I wrote this back in Feb and forgot to post it. FAIL. Oh well. Still check it out!

Whenever I LOVE OLIVE comes out with new hair, I always find myself excited. The initial feeling I project is a prayer to the fashion Gods that this time, there’ll be a short style for me. I’ve tried modeling the long, but it never seems to work out for me! Their newest release, EMMA, came to me through I HEART SL a few days ago, but because of 2.0, I forgot about it until today when Clear said she was blogging and I reminded myself that I had a few things to unpack. There I went, through the cycle of prayer and positive thinking until I opened it and checked the texture on the notecard – I LOVE IT. I LOVE OLIVE. I love the long hair too (even though I can’t wear it), I love the styles, I love the originality and the diversity, and my head feels very at home with it on top.

Also, Intrigue Co. just released some new vests! They’re only 25L and work like a charm on top of t-shirts from all around the grid. I love this store so much, and I own a couple of vests IRL, so having a few in SL aswell has made me a very happy camper. You can also check out their new satellite store on the Sweet Cyanide District alongside other favourite stores of mine such as Young Urban.

Lastly, the 50L boots from Kookie are very much to my taste (I own similar ones IRL) so I nabbed these up, and am thinking of going down to get a pair of full priced ones I like them so much.


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Time for the beach with Surf Co.

In less than a month it’ll be spring. After that it’ll be summer, finally! Surf Co. is getting us ready with new bikinis, shorts, and shoes. What I like about the swimsuits the most are the cute bows on the side. I can tell they probably took the longest to create because they’re adorable. I personally have not seen anything like this before in SL. Usually the swimsuits I see with ribbons on the side are prims or sculpties. Not actually drawn on the suit. I hope you enjoy the outfits!


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Plastik’s new ELLANTHA dresses!

It takes a lot to get me ‘girlied’ up, but Plastik are so awesome when it comes to review copies that it’s a crime if I don’t try on their things! I did. While Clear pieced in another room, in disbelief. She soon saw me in the dress and decided to jump on into the post too. Awesome, our favourite type of posts, ones we do together, and with me in lipstick. I can assure you that I was wearing panties underneath; almost. I love the flexiness of the skirt part, and I spent a long while turning around in the living room, spinning until I could spin no longer, just watching it.


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Pants: Fri.Day – Trousers (Khaki)
Shirt: Armidi Limited – Basic Deep V-Neck (Black)
The shoes you can hardly see: Kookie – Athena Black
Jacket: Luster – Julia (steel) *NEW*
Hair: Fri.Day Joanna – Cranky Brown *NEW*

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I’m in such a good mood.

This look is full of win for me. If this was real life, I’d be wearing probably 70 percent of what I’m showing in some variation in real life. At the time of this post (because I create posts like mad and save them for a later date) the hair you can find at Kookie for 50L Friday. I know this post won’t come out on Friday, so hopefully you would have shelled out 50L for this style. It only comes in one color, but hopefully soon there will be more colors. Even though I have a five head, I’m wearing this hair proudly. A-Bomb has released two new items: Cable Knit Sweaters and Jenny Wellies. Personally I think this is their best new release yet. These sweaters look so warm and snuggly, just like the sweaters are in real life, and I have wellies (purple ones) in real life I wear to work (and get made fun of in). The wellies are scripted and changes color when touched. You can mix match them or keep them the same, you just have to touch each boot. If I could only have one qualm about these releases is the fact that there aren’t multiple prim attachments for different spots. The shirt’s prim attaches at the pelvis which makes it hard to wear skirts and the color attaches at the collar. I had to attach the bottom prim to my spine and I was good to go. I completely borrowed my good friend, Shay Shavon’s, picture layout style to show off the wellies in the second picture. I hope she won’t mind too much!


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Down here lies nothing.

I’m learning photoshop and therefore I’m experimenting with a lot of ways to make a photo look great. This L. Fauna skin looks like it was made to go with this shape.


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This world is only going to break your heart.


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Free Speerit’s Maya Prototype.

All you have to do is join the “Free Speerit” group and go underneath the tree. There are four different skins (2 tones of glamour and natural). Wear your tag, and touch all of the gifts. They’re all free and it’s even free to join the group. If you can’t find the group through search, no worries. There’s something right there for you to touch.

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[Gos] Doc Boots by Gospel Voom

Gospel Voom is at it again. The first time I talked to you about him it was about his new sunglasses. Now it’s about his boots. What’s unique about these boots is that you buy only one pair of boots, and the rest of the colors come in texture packs. You don’t have to clutter your inventory with different pairs of boots, you can only wear one pair of boots and you color it just like you would the sunglasses. (Post found here.)


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Boom’s Snow Bunny.

Due to the fact that the holidays are around the corner and I have SO much to blog, I don’t think I’ll be giving commentary to all of my posts. Just the credits. It’s easier this way and I’ll get to crank out more posts this way. I hope you won’t mind.


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