Today is a good day.

Today is a good day. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why! For the past year and a half I’ve been switching from viewer to viewer because my snapshots would never save to my computer. It was driving me insane!! Finally I found out it was something I had installed on my computer that somehow goes against SL things and it needed to go. After I deleted it, I’ve been able to take snapshots to disks on any viewer, not just limited to one. This is a good thing for me.

I wanted to blog this outfit, but after SL was shut down and out for all of those hours, I forgot all about it. This is just a post I threw together to show off all of the new things you can get. I love the ears, by the way. I’m going to include all of the SLURL links for you. Have a good day.


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I did a blog a loooong time ago about Tasty and the one gripe I had was the fact they didn’t put things on multiple layers!! Instead of getting upset by that criticism, the owner thought it was good idea and viola! Her new releases come on all layers! Thank you so much to the time and effort. I know it takes a LOT to do it on different layers so your time is very much appreciated with me ❤ There are new items such as Sample Tees, Loosy Hoodies, Royale Boots, and a Daisy Unitard. Personally my favorite of the four releases are the hoodies. They come with prim attachments and I've been on a hoodie kick. I also love the boots. Check out the next picture for of a preview. There are a LOT of colors to choose from.

Visit Tasty.

Hair: Truth – Justine
Necklace: Happy Finds – Vintage Necklace Collection
Boots: Zero Number – Wo Boots Gomi
Pants: Pink Outfitters (House of London) – Masen Cropped Trouser Pant

Cardigan: Luck Inc – Cashmere Top (Black)
Skirt: *UB* Tweed Skirt Black
Hair: Lelutka – Kate

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Urbanity Skins and Modd.G Eyes.

If I could have a skill on SL it’ll definitely be the ability to make flawless skin. I’ll always admire people who can make skins because I can’t and it takes a lot of dedication and effort. Trixi Wuyts of Urbanity already knows how to create awesome clothes and accessories and decided to tackle on another project: Making skins. There are six skin tones (chocolate, coffee bean, latte, peach, milk, snow white) and there are five make ups with an additional lipstick. Ten skins in total. I’ll show you a few of the different make ups. These skins remind me very much of Pink Fuel, but I love the skin with the bandaid on the nose and the lips. I also used the new release of wolves eyes from Modd.G. Please forgive some of my crazy eyes in this. At the time of creating this post it was 1 am on a work night.

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Something like a phenomena.


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New @ Pink Outfitters pt. II.

I fell in love with Pink Outfitters in the summer, when London released some V neck shirts of the most amazing textures. I was hooked. When the 50L sale hit, I went crazy, shopping to no end with my best friend. So when she offered to send some review copies of her new things to people on plurk, I had to get in on that action. The best part about her, which I think Clear mentioned already, is that she designs everything from scratch. This girl is a natural talent, and was born to do this – I’m not talking about designing purely online, but in the real world too. She can do it, and her in world clothes show you that. I’m not going to say too much more though, it’s like Silent Hill outside my window, and I feel like World Watching!


(Also, I’m really in love with L. Fauna skins. I can see why they’re going to be popular, but I don’t think I can turn away.)


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New at Pink Outfiters.

Everyone has a “go to” store in SL, and no lie mine has always been Pink Outfitters. The owner, London Dailey hand draws most if not all of her textures and what makes her store even more awesome is the fact she is getting her own real life clothing line together. London gave Shane and I the chance to blog the new and items that will be released on this Friday from her store, Pink Outfitters, to blog. What is unique is that instead of giving a fat pack and allowing us to choose how we’d style it, she gave us our own set of clothes to blog. Usually I like to mix and match, but I’m all for showcasing things and right now I’d like to show you all of the things you can can buy: from the jacket to the shoes. All items except for the hair (Maitreya), skin (L. Fauna), and glasses ( Jordan Giant). The rest is from Pink Outfitters.

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October 7, 2009

Inspecting things is one of my favourite things. (I should call this blog ‘My Favourite Things’, and bust into a Julie Andrews number each time I write.) Honestly, though, when I heard about anti-inspect shields, beyond the horror of seeing red force fields around vain SLers (of the same ilk as myself), I was against it. I get that you don’t want to be copybotted, but I won’t even try to pretend like I know how that goes about. When I see something on somebody that I like, I’m so anti-social that I don’t really know how to start up a conversation with them – nor do I want to seem rude in openly wanting what they have – and prefer to right-click, inspect. I’ll admit it. In any event, today I was standing around with a group of friends and their friends’ friends, saw a cap I liked and jumped on the creator of the hair’s profile pronto. “Picks!” I cried. “Please have it in your picks!” And they did. It was a store called The GL, and despite not wanting to buy anything today, I TPed my ass on over there and spent almost 700L in one go. The T-shirt reading There’s Nothing To Do In SL could have been ripped from my daily rantings, and I liked multiple hairs so much I was in shop-heaven. They have great ties, great accessories, nice hairs; all of which left Shane a happy camper.



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Sunday, October 4, 2009.

It’s just a lazy Sunday for Shane and I. We’re not up to much of anything. We kind of begun the process of sorting things in our inventory out. She’s very OCD and needs things to be put in their right place. While sorting our inventory out, we found a couple pieces of clothing that we liked so much we thought we’d show it off. The tights I’m wearing are from October’s Gift from So Many Styles.



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Pink Outfitters – The Cusp of Fall.

There are a lot of designers I like on Second Life, but then there are those I could wear if I had nothing else left in my virtual closet. One of these is London Daily of Pink Outfitters/HOL. I love the textures (I’m a texture whore, ask anybody) and I love the designs. Her store was the first place I actually found a pair of cords I liked, not to mention a button up and some vests I still wear to this day. Then there were the V neck shirts of the past summer, which was how I found out about the store in the first place.

In any event, when I saw she’d released some new things for the summer-to-fall crossover season,  I had to check them out and hope she had something in that set that I would wear. I don’t really wear girly clothes, it’s a personal choice, so when I saw the turtleneck sweater on the ad, I TPed right on over there to pick it up in black. A couple of hours later, London presented those bloggers on her Plurk friends list with the opportunity to get a review pack; something I also had to do. Last night was a busy night, but after crawling out of bed this morning, I decided to showcase these beautifully made clothes while listening to Juliette Lewis’ new album – ideal.

And look, before I forget, a taxi! (Head up to the second floor.)

PO - 1 (more…)

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Gone Fishing

Slow day, today. I’ve been watching The X Files almost as religiously as I used to, Aaron Carter’s voicemail was hacked, I got my pro microphone, am listening to Green Day and don’t know what to say. Clear and her sister Noelle TPed me somewhere to fish today. While they surfaced cute, wearable pets that you can name, I sat on a box and refused to pay, due to buying TMS (too much sh*t) earlier on, but I have to say, I love the fish Clear gave to me. His name is Mulder and he is, through scripting errors, devoid of a Scully.

Earlier I contemplated blogging my own outfit, realizing only then that pretty soon I’ll run out of clothes in my wardrobe and we won’t be able to expand our little universe out as far as we want to – past our own SL back yard (which is a beach) come July. Luckily for me, as always, Clear knew exactly what to throw together to make an outfit work. I think she looks great, I really do. While bias should be to fault, I’m pretty sure anyone you asked who saw her would agree with me. She has style, so I talked her into posing and writing her style sheet for me, and there lies our next post. The Wednesday Of Clear Canning. I’m also to assure readers (if we have any) that we’ll include SLURLs for our stuff once the both of us stop being so lazy.



Shorts – (Elephant Outfitters) Rolled Docker Shorts
Shoes – 50s Flats (by Ding Fotherington) Love, Mom (Mother’s Day Freebee!)
Jacket – Pink Outfitter’s Fi Cami & Cardigan Set
Necklace – Addict – Gold Love and Peace
Hair – ETD Chel (Blonde)

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