My fall look.

I’m battling a cold. It must be fall! I got these shoes from this week’s 50L from Reek and I thought, these would be a good staple to build an outfit around. This is what I came up with. Happy Monday.


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New Hair from Shag.

Shag is releasing new hair soooooon. I think it’s going to be out tomorrow (Monday) so get your lindens together and try on demos. I have three lovely hairs for you right now. The color I’m wearing is hazel. Check it out.


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reBourne’s Toronto Heights.

Danny Bourne of reBourne has done it again. Recently he’s going to release a new skybox prefab to please all of us with. The new skybox he’s working on is called Toronto Heights and even though the value of the prefab is $9500L, there is a lot of content put into it to keep it at 365 prims. With the help of Bunny Blindside (her blog is here), I was able to have high res photos of this home. There are so many textures and items that it was really hard to get it to rez on my computer! I’m going to show you a couple of photos to get you excited about this build and for you to see just why it’s sold at $9500L. There’s also a demo of it in world I’ll link you to.

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I’ll be right beside you, dear.


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Quick Post: Want To Love You.


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SL Daily Deals ~ :: Exodi :: The Kamen Set

As one of the official bloggers for the SL Daily Deals, I wanted to show off something you can get at a discounted price for today only. At Exodi you can buy the jewelery set, The Kamen Set, for only 325L. That’s 50% off. You can only get it today!

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Get ready for Spring with Fri.Day and SLink.

Greetings! I think I have Internet ADD or something because this took forever to get up. First off, Fri.Day has released these adorable Paradiso.Rompers for the Spring. The romper comes with three neutral colors (Black, Brown, Silver) of the Cinch.Belt. There are also small, medium, and large sizes because even in SL we’re not all built the same. If you want a different color belt such as I put the red belt with the yellow romper, the other colors are just 80L. Also released today are the Tiger Heels from sLink. At first I was “Lol @ Tiger” but then I saw the design and the more I looked, the more I wanted them. I know how much Stiletto Moody shoes are and though Maitreya shoes are considerably less, they’re still over 1K. So even though I’m on a budget, I prepared myself for the price. What was shocking was the fact these Tiger shoes are under 700L. Immediately I had to get it, and I’ll probably be back for another color. They’re easy to fit and color, but I kind of cheated I guess. My color (or near it) was there. They’re still not quite matching my skin so I’ll play with it tonight. There are also four new hairs from Fri.Day that I’m wearing in black. Hope you all enjoy Sunday!


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Just Tasty. :)

Hair: Fri.Day – Kate (Cynical Black)
Shorts: Boom – Getting Low Shorts (Indigo)
Leggings: *GC* Black/Grey Striped Tights
Shirts: Tasty – Candee Crop *NEW*
Shoes: 2Real – Pure *NEW*
Skin: Lara Skin – Arianna

Greetings everyone. It’s a Tuesday and I’m feeling good. We’re almost at the middle of the week which means it’s closer to the weekend. It’s also going to be 60 degrees here toward the end of the week. I can’t wait. I’ve been blogging Tasty Fashions for a while now and what I like about them is with every new release I can see improvement. That’s what it’s all about afterall, right? Well today I’m going to show you all that’s in store, including a free group gift for the month of March. Also with it are 2Real’s new shoes called Pure. What I like about these is the fact that you can completely customize them. Isn’t that fabulous? In theory with these shoes you don’t need to buy another pair of shoes ever in your Second Life life. Also I think I have found the essence of Clear Canning with the skin up there. Included in this post are different looks with skins, but they’re all me. Hope you enjoy!

Hair: SLink – Lorelei (Black)
Tank top: Niniko – Inner Tanktop (of the Chiffon Cutsew shirt)
Shoes: Fri.Day – Basic Flats (Black)
Skin: Atomic – Skin Fae (Cream) VIP Gift
Skirt: Tasty – Ultra Mini *NEW*
Top: Tasty – Candee Crop *NEW*

Hair: Shop Seu – Pompadour Hair (Black)
Skin: Belleza – Jesse (Old Group Gift)
Shoes Tesla – High Oxfords (Black)
Outfit: Tasty – Feel This (March Group Gift) *NEW*

Hair: Exile – Monica (chocolate)
Skin: L.Fauna – Lapine (Mystic)
Shoes: Shiny Things – Belles (Black)
Dress: Tasty – Attention Cherie *NEW*

Hair: Fri.Day – Marie (Happy Blonde)
Skin: Curio – April (Pink Lady 1)
Boots: Miel – Far Boots (Polar Edition)
Dress: Tasty – Flowers and Stuff (Tasty Treat) *NEW*

Also check out the detail on the new Pure sneakers from 2Real footwear. I hope you can see it with my graphics card.

Here are the SLURLS to Tasty Fashions and 2Real Footwear. See you there!

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Different styles.

I don’t know what to call this, but these items have been in my “Piecing” folder for awhile so I thought I’d just post them. Hope you like. 🙂


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Urbanity’s Wool Dresses.

As I pray for the winter to be over, Urbanity draws me back in with their new Wool Dress. It fits your avatar’s curves like a glove while keeping you covered. There’s also a scarf to come with each dress. I chose the black dress because I finally found the boots I’ve been scouring SL for. Actually I found it on a girl and inspected her. I know, I’m bad. And also, did you know Fri.Day has poses you can get their for all of your picture taking needs? I’ve been meaning to mention the poses and in a different entry I probably will, but the poses I use for this post are all from Fri.Day and they’re reasonable priced too. After you get your dress from Urbanity, check out the poses at Fri.Day.

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