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If you need any SLURLs, don’t be afraid to ask here, Plurk or in world. I delete all my landmarks because I like to have the smallest inventory possible, but I’ll help out anybody who would like it.


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Chaisuki Elise Skins.

It’s no secret if you’re a fan of my plurk that I’m a skin whore. I’m constantly changing. I can’t commit to a skin to save a life. I wish I was more like my partner Shane. She finds one skin, she sticks to it. Me? I don’t have an identity. I change too much.

I’ll give full credit to Gogo for blogging these skins first. I thought if they look good on her shape then they’ll have to look good on mine. I’m vain that way. I never change my shape to match a skin. I’m also lazy. This skin actually makes me look like a twenty six year old avatar if that makes any sense. Chai Kazan of Chaisuki has created a new face called Elise. Elise is available in four skin tones, two eyebrow options, hairbase, alternative breasts, tan line, and an option for pubic hair. The “cleavage” look is the base skin. If you want a non cleavage look, you’re going to have to wear one of the breast layers. That’s my only problem with the skin. I prefer the cleavage layers to be on an actual skin to save me from using a layer for a skin. Elise has 39 makeups in total and to show you all of the make ups would cause a massive flood on this website and the feeds we’re syndicated on. So instead I’d thought I show you the different lipsticks you can get with the skin. Of course there are at least 4 different options of eye shadow to go with each skin.


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Fishy Strawberry’s 50L Friday

It’s Friday, it’s – oh, it’s Christmas Day; happy Christmas – time to run around all those stores picking up everything you might dig at a cheap rate. I only bought a couple this time due to budgeting, but Fishy Strawberry has a male and female outfit up for grabs, so I got the male one and here it issss.


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Look of the Day.

Today is Sunday, making tomorrow Monday. I’m not a fan of Sundays, knowing tomorrow is always Monday. Same shit, different week, so I will express my distaste of the day via interpretive dance.


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MUA by Djinn & Tonic

Babyhoney Bailey has been designing things since she started SL over two years ago. She’s gone from building to creating clothes and now she’s creating skins. She was awesome enough to drop me a blogger’s pack of her new skins and let me tell you, they’re so many skins at her store that it’s really hard do an entire post to cover it. I’d be here forever and you’d be reading forever!

Let me tell you about the skins she has been working on. I hope I get all of this right. There are three skin tones. There are also four (brown, red, black, blonde) brow options. There are also 100 make up options for each brow, plus a freckled version and a shaved version which is good for when you want to wear low cut jeans. Each brow option has 10 eye shadows. You also have five choices for lip gloss to go with the eye shadow. You get twenty optional skins in one pack and one pack costs $1500L. Let me run that again. If you get a skin in a pale tone with blonde eyebrows and the eyeshadow is green. You’ll get five lip colors to go with the bare, freckled, shaved, shaved and freckled option. Twenty skins. Yeah that’s about right. All of that for 1500L?

I took a couple of pictures to show you some of the make up options you can get with the Mua skin by Babyhoney, but ultimately you should go to the store and try on a demo yourself.


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Look of the Day.

It feels like forever since I’ve done this, but I’ve been currently fighting off a cold. Or I hope it’s a cold. I’ve had it since Monday and it’s not going away at all! Plus it made me lose my voice. Sad. Sad. So there will probably be a Les Girls explosion everywhere since it’s the weekend and Shane (who is also sick, poor girl) and I can come together and put some outfits on to show you, plus new items and skin reviews! That’s all planned for this weekend if we can get it together. Please forgive us. This look for today comes at the wee hours of the morning and me looking in a folder of things I have. I probably blogged this before, but it’s always good to see how to put different pieces together to make a new outfit, right? It’s time to take some meds and see if I can knock this cold out.

Skin: LeLutka – Eclat Fair Make up 5
Earmuffs: Kyoot Army – Bird Skull Winter
Leggings: Oh Mai – Basic Sheer Leggings (Pitch)
Boots: *Kookie* Pomski Boots – Snow White
Undershirt: Friday – Layering Tank Scoop (Brown)
Cardigan: *Fishy Strawberry* Oversized Cardigan with Socks
Hair: Alli&Ali Designs – Darla Hair

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Beat the Monday Blues.


If you’re like me, you need some incentive to get out of bed to start the week. Adam and Eve provides that with their lovely exclusive Portia skin they’re offering for only 100L! And it’s only for today!! Stop by the store and get it now!


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Halloween in SL.

I’m a virgin when it comes to Second Life Halloween – this is my first. Thus far, it hasn’t been disappointing. I didn’t manage to get a costume I stuck with, but I did throw a few pieces together to get my final look, which I’m not blogging. I technically started playing this game in October 2006. That’s three years ago for those of you, like me, who have lost all hold on time and space, as though the world is building up to the cataclysmic meltdown as predicted by the Mayans years and years in the past. In my first couple of weeks, I met a girl called Elle Kirshner, at (I think) a club called Hooters n Shooters. She’d made friends with Clear, and since we shared the last name, for that one night we referred to each other as cousins. I look back on this fondly, as it was only hours later when my computer decided it no longer wanted to handle SL anymore. Little did I know, when I was brought back to the grid, 2 1/2 years later, Elle would be an awesome builder and owner of Second Spaces. I love her furniture. It’s so classic, and I worship the little writing desk I keep meaning to buy. In any event, Clear passed me over the Second Spaces Halloween bits and bobs to blog, which is what this is, combined with a little of my Halloween outfit and a dog that looks like my RL one! (Yay.)



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Hair: ETD – Laine
Leggings: Fishy Strawberry – Corduroy Treggings Brown
Tank: Fri.Day – Layering.Tank Scoop Brown
Cardigan – !OhMai – Feather Cardigan WHITECROW
Coat: AOHaru Fur Coat Brown Fur
Boots – BAX Prestige Boots Base Brown

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Look of the Day

october (more…)

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