New Hair from Shag.

Shag is releasing new hair soooooon. I think it’s going to be out tomorrow (Monday) so get your lindens together and try on demos. I have three lovely hairs for you right now. The color I’m wearing is hazel. Check it out.


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Le Cirque De La Mode: MAY 15-23.

Last month I told you about a little event called Le Cirque De La Mode. Well there’s back at it again and from now until the 23rd of May you can get select pieces from your favorite designers. They will only be sold at this location. The theme for this month is masquerade. We all love to dress up right! The three outfits I’m wearing are exclusive to Split Pea and are called Cages Under Outfit and Hat, Chronic Town, and Reaping Wheel. Check them out!

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I’ll be right beside you, dear.


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Quick Post: Want To Love You.


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Suddenly Seymour…..

Do you remember the movie Little Shop Of Horrors? This is the original you tube ending where everybody dies. It’s kind of sad but it’s the only link I can find that refers to the picture up there. Do you remember when Audrey went to see Seymour at the shop, but found Audrey II and he tried to eat her in her wedding dress! I loved this movie as a kid, but it was kind of morbid now that I’m an adult. A plant… eating people.. and his owner chopping up people for him.

Anyway I was pretty excited when I went to Albero and found this on a table for 50L. There’s a wearable version, one you can sit down, and even a tiny teeny one of the plant. You know we all thought the plant was adorable when it was big enough to fit on your table. I had a wedding dress I was waiting to blog, but didn’t find the proper inspiration to do until now. The hair is a group freebee from Shag for Valentine’s Day. So this is my Valentine’s Day inspired contribution for the feeds today; me in a wedding dress and getting eating by a flesh eating plant. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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New hair from Shag!

Sadie and Sebastian of Shag has always been very supportive of Shane and I on our little blog endeavors. For a second I thought they had disappeared off of the grid, but after take a break they’ve been back and better than ever in the year 2010. There are a few new releases you can see in the picture from their vendor above this paragraph. Shane and I thought we’d get together and wear four of the latest hair styles. The La La Love You (2) is my favorite hair out of the new releases. You’ll see it in the pic below. They also always the best of names. Also they have new reds that are to die for! Shane and I boring and stuck to brown. This was also a good opportunity for me to show off the latest skin from Mah Poor Quality and it’s called Stevie.


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L&S Medieval Gowns and Swords.

I’m not a fan of Medieval things on SL. I don’t know that there were any sims dedicated to it. (I know, fail me), so I was shocked that HANNAH Yakan of Lace and Steel picked me and dropped her latest outfit entitled Selene Medieval Rogue. I’ll have to admit while it isn’t my style, I find this outfit pretty sexy. I love the corset and with the biggest craze around SL being pushed up tits, it’s perfect to wear without the shirt. The hair is from Shag, and boots are from Abyss. Oldie but a goodie. I look like I’m ready to conquer the world in this.


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Hi. I’m your sporadic blogger Shane Kirshner, coming straight to you from the land of boredom topped with displacement. On one hand, this is anti-productive, but on the other, it gets my fingers a-goin’ to blog a few things I had handed to me over the weekend. KOSH sent me some kick ass roses for your mouth. ROSES. Yes, I feel like Carmen (no, not that one) or the Beyonce Knowles version of, from the Hip Hopera I watched in 2003. Not to mention a cute little Oaken jewelry set that I love the shape/feel of. It completely fits the form which not a lot of jewelry does on SL. Then to top it off, another one of [SHAG]‘s new hairs, “The Fallen.”

Um, here ya go.


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Hipster what?

One of Shag’s new hairs, “Under My Thumb” gave me a hipster vibe so strong that when League handed on over their gift (I think) of the striped gloves and skirt, I knew I had to POT something the youngins would wear at a Bravery concert. I like it!

(I’m not staying in this all day, though.)


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Shag is back!

I’m really happy to see Shag back with three new hair releases. The color I’m using for these pictures is chestnut.

Also they’re giving away one of their new hairs, Chrissy Snow, as a Christmas Freebee gift in the colors of cardinal and white. There are also little snowflake attachments. I’m wearing the cardinal color.

I assume this hair and I are meant to be because I’m watching Three’s Company right now and I can totally see where the inspiration came from. The skin used in these pictures is the new December group gift from Tuli skin. If you’re not in this group, you’re missing out. It costs 250L to join but definitely worth it. Most groups you have to pay for usually are.


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