Dutch Touch Yri.

Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch has just pre-released two skin tones from her new face, Yri. The two tones she has released are the cream and coffee tone. If you wear either of these tones you should head down there and try a demo. There is a VIPsONLY DUOPack in COTTON 50% off vendor set up there that you need your group tag for. To join the group is $250L but I think it’s worth it.

Also one of the perks of being in the group is that there’s a free full make up preview of Yri in Carmel tone. I’m currently wearing it in the picture above. All you have to do is find the group vendor and touch it while you’re wearing your tag. It’s completely worth it. See you there!

SURL to Dutch Touch


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Quick Update: Young Urban



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Short and Sweet

Short and sweet right now. I’m cleaning out my inventory and I’m finding all new sorts of things. So I hope you like. This is just a simple look. It reminds me of Mad Men for some reason. I think I finally got a skirt shape I like.


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Still new goodness from Fri.Day.

The new things from Fri.Day have been so awesome that I had to break it down into three posts so I wouldn’t exert myself. I loved the styles I came up with and this one’s no different. I decided to use the wine color cardigan with the regular color of the low rise jeans. The jeans, by the way, are on both pants and underwear layers and there’s a flare for both regular and flat shoes and a skinny leg. I like the options Fri.Day delivers with their jeans in that aspect. I also had an old layering tank from the store that went perfect with the look I was going for. The skin is from Dutch Touch and it’s a group freebee! They also have new skin out that I’m DYING to try out. I haven’t been on a shopping spree all week! What’s up with that?

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Aoharu and Ingenue.

This dress makes me feel like I’m on the set of Mad Men, though I’ve never watched the show. All I know is Shane has a hardcore crush on January Jones and especially Christina Hendricks. I found this dress from Ingenue while doing a hunt. I’m not a fan of system skirts, but I couldn’t resist. I love how sexy yet elegant this dress makes me feel. I knew it’d look perfect under a coat from AOHARU, and with their 50% sale still going on, I couldn’t resist. By the time this is shown on the feed, the sale will be over. Hopefully you did all of your shopping purchases. The hair is a new one from LETLUKA and I love the soft curls things. It’s something different for me, but it looks great with the new skin I’m wearing from DUTCH TOUCH. The MAITREYA heels are an oldie but a staple in my virtual closet and the stockings from SHEER just gives everything an edge.

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.vena cava.

Sloane Irelund has a pretty flickr stream and an even prettier store called .vena cava. I want to live there. You can find clothes, poses, and other things. Right now I’m wearing a blouse from there. Again, I want to go there and live there.

Hair: Truth – Patrice
Skin: Dutch Touch – Gween Cocoa Smokey X
Earrings: *Boom* – G Hoop Earrings
Bottoms: *Boom* – Getting Low Jeans
Shirts: Vena Cava – Citrus Layered Clavicle Blouse
Shoes: *COCO* Loafter Mules Marigold

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Let’s go all the way.

Today is a simple look. I don’t know why it took forever to edit pictures with this one, but after a couple of tutorials, I thought I apply what I learned to my SL pictures and blog post. I know, I should stop using this blog as my platform for experiments, but I can’t help it!

Glitterati has a new release out! There’s a color changeable umbrella that comes with either single poses or couples/friends poses. There are two umbrellas. You can give one to a friend and keep one for yourself. I went to a sim and snapped a quick picture for me to edit and heavily edit. I can’t believe it took so long to do that, but I did get distracted and talking to Shane distracts me more!

There are a lot of new things to get on the grid. Fri.Day has released three new hairs. Two with a fedora, and the one I’m wearing. The scarf is changeable and you can hide the ends of it with a touch. The hair is pulled off of your face and I don’t know if it works well for fiveheads like me, but I am not taking it off. The shirt is from Lark and has multiple attach points. I think it’d probably work better with a skirt, but I couldn’t find one I like. I think the pants do work with it, but if you have any other ideas I’d love it. The boots are a 50L Friday gift from Miel, and I hope there will be more colors released for this boot if they’re aren’t already. I love them!

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Surf Couture!

This is a true story here, no lie. I remember when I used to roleplay on the Kindly Sim (something I miss terribly btw) with my sister, Noelle Parisi. We were claiming to be twins and thus needed a wardrobe to match that. We were scouring the whole SL universe for something we can call our own and we ran into a little shop called Surf Couture. I’ve never heard of the shop before, but it had the cutest summery things in it. After going “OMG!!! WE FOUND A STORE”, Noelle and I went nuts and probably dropped 5K in an hour buying everything. The best buy were the basic flats, something I still wear to this day. Everyone asked where we got the flats from and we’d either “crash”, pretend we didn’t understand english, or ignore that person. There was one girl in particular who used to whine and whine and WHINE but we never told her where we got the items for. That was until one of our friend said “Lolz~ just inspect them~~” Though I’m against anti shields, I would have loved to have one back then. Surf Couture was our special store and every day we’d pop over to see if there was something new.

Fast forward to Friday, I had an offline from Emma Gilmour who asked said she liked reading my blog and wondered if I wanted to blog her new releases. Um, seriously? I’ve never geeked out over a person so much than I have her because I love her stuff hardcore. I watched her store grow for two years now and the thought she read Shane and I’s blog and she liked it??? Yeah, I fan girled. And I’m fan girling right here. I can’t help it. Surf Couture has been my shit for years now and each release is better than the release before. I know I sound like a nerd/stalker but these are quality clothes here. How do I know these are quality clothes? Well Shane was wearing the Havana Dress for hours with long hair and heels. Yes, SHANE. I should’ve snapped a picture of her.

There are new releases there that a lot of people have been blogging about which I think is a good thing. There’s the Havering Dress, Slouchy Thread Sweater, Belmar Skinny Jeans, Rendezvous Printed and V Necks. The Belmar Skinny jeans do not have any prims, but sock attachments to complete the look. Usually I don’t like skinny jeans without sculpties, but these are so well made. You shouldn’t really hide them with boots even though I did in one picture. They also come in an optional dot print version.

So after a lazy weekend, Shane and I realized we wanted to get this stuff out and show you how awesome Surf Co. is, as if you already didn’t know. Everything comes on all layers which is good if you’d like to create a stunning outfit to piece. I rambled enough, let’s get to the pics.

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