Tongue, oh my!


I found this tongue/piercings attachment pretty neat for pictures. It is completely modifiable and there are 4 different variations that can be found at their store.

On Sephia:

  1. Tongue + Piercings: Visavi – Tongue Action / Heretic
  2. Hair: – Amelia 2 (Jealous Red)
  3. Skin: Plastik – LionHeart “Prowess” (Story)

One of the interesting things about the Plastik skins, is that they comes with the elf ears, conveniently textured to match the skin tone, hooray!

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Things You Should Know About Plastik.

I’m going on a road trip!
It’s going to be around the 5th of next month.
I’m going to travel around and see a ton of things, including the San diego zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas and stuff. I’m really, really excited. but the gas is hella expensive right now so i figured i’d make a fun sale out of it and to try out the new patterns ive been working on.

There are two of almost everything in my store, ——–(79 items total)———, in a special edition pattern or color. There will be skins as soon as i finish the ads, too! ❤

The sale will be going on for a couple weeks, i know some people dont get wind of these things till it's too late and i always try to make sure everyone gets to come and take a peek. <3.

-Kea Rieko; The Plastik.


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Still on Hiatus!

We’re still on what you call an unofficial hiatus break. There are a lot of things going on. For example I’m back in school at the moment (Accounting major, ugh) and I’m trying to get adjusted to these nine week blocks and Shane has lost all will to update. Just kidding, maybe she’ll get it back in the upcoming days. But today, today is a weird day. I’ve been out of the loop of SL for a few weeks now, but when I went through my folders I saw an assortment of things from stores so I’m going to try to blog it on my free time and force Shane to dress up with me.

The skin I’m wearing is from Plastik and it’s apart of the Elven Lionheart series. The color of choice I’m wearing is porcelain. What I like about this skin the most is the fact it comes with elf ears that already match the skin color!! Finally I don’t have to fiddle with it and worry about how it looks on other people’s windlight settings.

I also grabbed my girl to show off some new summer items that are floating around on the grid. It’s a quick blog post, but hey we’re still alive and kicking! I can’t believe Shane and I have been blogging for a year almost. That’s crazy.


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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Mouth: Shamrock Mouth Chewy
Eyes: St. Paddy’s Clover Eyes
It isn’t too late to buy green things and be sexy. Look at the new things from Plastik you can get! I’m sure there are parties still going around SL where you have to wear green. It’s not too late!


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Plastik’s Tomboy Tees & Nayar’s Panties


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Ah, *Action, the store on the grid I would shop at if I were made out of pixels. As promised, here I am blogging most of the new releases from late February to now. You can read more about them on the official blog! I only blogged the mens, and a couple of items from the women, because you guys know my style and I know what my avatar can work and what she should leave to the more busty. Anyway, I think they look great, and the first outfit, I would totally wear.

Go to ACTION and check them out for yourself!


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It’s a nice day to start again.

I don’t wear a lot of sexy outfits. I don’t consider myself a sexy avatar at all, but there times when sexy items fall into my lap and I try to piece them together the best way I know possible. I’m going to even include links in this one. Plastik’s new collar releases left me kind of perplexed because I didn’t know what to do with them. I’m so sorry. Then the new shirt release from Boom came my way and I thought this could work. This could definitely work. All I needed was a skirt that can match the overall top sexiness I had going on and Luck Inc never fails on that department. It’s not a usual look for me, but I thought why not. Let’s do something different. Let’s go bold. Also the weekend also means new items from Fri.Day, but we’ll get to that later, let’s get to those SLURLS I’ve been slacking with. As always comments are appreciated.

Skirt: *Luck Inc* Ruffled Miniskirt Eggplant
Face Piercings: – .HoD. – Knock Out – Womens
Shirt: *BOOM* Hope’s Tank
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots
Hair: Fri.Day – Miley
Tattoos you can’t see: Love Letters
Collar: [Plastik]-RecluseCollar-Buckled-Grapevine
Skin: Amacci ~ Felicia Skin (Fresh)

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Plastik’s new ELLANTHA dresses!

It takes a lot to get me ‘girlied’ up, but Plastik are so awesome when it comes to review copies that it’s a crime if I don’t try on their things! I did. While Clear pieced in another room, in disbelief. She soon saw me in the dress and decided to jump on into the post too. Awesome, our favourite type of posts, ones we do together, and with me in lipstick. I can assure you that I was wearing panties underneath; almost. I love the flexiness of the skirt part, and I spent a long while turning around in the living room, spinning until I could spin no longer, just watching it.


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Plastik’s Valerian underwear.

This underwear is so sexy that even Shane has been wearing it for days now. It comes on all layers with an optional short and thong for you to wear.

SURL to Plastik.

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