Different styles.

I don’t know what to call this, but these items have been in my “Piecing” folder for awhile so I thought I’d just post them. Hope you like. 🙂


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Finally Shane blogs with me!

Finally Shane and I had a chance to get together and blog! This hasn’t happened all year. As you know I’m a store manager at Naive. There are some new releases there if you check out the website. There’s also a new build! Naive’s things are relatively cheap and they range from formal wear to casual wear and even men’s wear. Shane and I thought it’d be cool to go there and find a few pieces to complete our outfits today, and we blogged together!

Check out Naive for it’s new releases. You might even see me there. 😉


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New fall/winter items from Modd.G.


I have to say this. I love the way moddishh GossipGirl create her clothes. She has released a few key pieces for the winter in colors that remind me of bubble gum for some reason. It’s good thing, plus they come on different layers which is good. I put a few outfits together to show how you can wear the different styles, but ultimately I’m showcasing her new items that are for sale at her store. I even included the different skins I’m wearing. A first for me.


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Review: Periquita Silly Wedges!

at home

I got a notice today about Erpla Prieto’s new shoe release for her Periquita store. I know I always wear her shoes, but they’re amazing. I love the colors on it and since I wear a lot of bright colorful things, her shoes are amazing for outfits.


These are extra special because you can change the texture and color of the shoe with an easy HUD. You can change the shoe, sole, and balls easily and they’re only $350L! There’s even a demo for you to try it before you buy. These are definitely the shoes to get for the summer, at least in my opinion. Here’s the SURL so you can check it out!

Periquiita: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Diabolus/25/37/1004

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Look of the day.

Soon I’ll learn how to mix more things and zomg, I’ll be able to add links so you’ll know where to get stuff. I’m tired and loved this outfit, sooo…


Hair – >TRUTH Hairlight browns< (Available at the store)
Shirt – “NINIKO” Chiffon Cutsew(Red*Red)
Capris – [Decoy] Genesis 10 Capris – White
Shoes – .:Periquita Funny Girl Flats Fatpack:.

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First Post of Les Girls!

Clear & Shane

Welcome to the first post of SL’s version of Les Girls. The idea of the blog was originally snatched from The L Word’s Jennifer Schecter’s movie title, Les Girls! ( “les” as in “les miserables” or “are those two girls a lez?” ) Either way this is the joint blog baby of myself, Clear Canning and Shane Kirshner. We’re in no way claiming that we’re SL Fashionistas or that we even know what we’re doing here. Shane and I are dating in this little world we called Second Life and we thought how cool it’ll be to have a blog to show off our different styles and how well we mesh together. Also, it’s kind of cool to see Shane put outfits together that blends both male and female clothes. (She’s the star of the blog.) We hope to get better at this blogging thing as the days progress, but for now we’re just winging it and having a good time doing so.

Blog 1

On Shane

Hair- Novocaine Hair – Cavi – port
Glasses- Action UNISEX Knox Sunglasses – Silver
Gloves- [Sassy Kitty Designs] Faded Skull Leather Gloves (free in the Make Him Over hunt!)
Bracelet- ::= Zenith =:: Leather Bracelet
Earrings- cross earring silver*Red Skull Para*
Pants- *BOOM* Gettin Low Jeans Blk
Shoes- SiniStyle Combat Boots – Black
Shirt- [PO] PO Est. Graphic T – cream

On Clear

Shoes- .:Periquita:. Funny Girl Flats Pink
Hair- [Karma.] Hair – Joy (Brick)
Earrings- [LeLutka] Sterling Hoops by Miabella
Pants- [PO] A02 Painters Desroyed Denim (Capri)
Jacket/Shirt- [PO] Main St. Swing Jacket

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